Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday fun

Today was a great day (despite being sick with a head full of yuck and in spite of the fact that it was REALLY cold outside). I went to church this morning with Lynette, Trish, and my friend A. It was really interesting because the sermon was about dating, but I still got a message from God on something else, reinforcing a lot of what I've been reading and hearing lately. So that was really cool. And, it's really special for me to be at church with friends. I like to tell myself that I prefer to go by myself, but I'm realizing that that just isn't true. It's nice to have people I love beside me and to be able to talk about the service and sermon together afterwards.

After church, the girls dropped me off at my house so I could do some cleaning before A and R got home from hanging out at a local playspace. I feel SO much happier now that I was able to vacuum the entire house. Usually, I clean the house on the day I work from home, but with snow days and holidays and such, I haven't had much time in the house by myself lately. And, I don't like to take time away from R by cleaning while we're home together. I mean, I do some things like laundry and straightening up (he helps me with those), but ever since he was a toddler and terrified of the vacuum, I've avoided using it when he's around for the most part. Anyway, I'm very happy now that my floors are clean.

After my boys got back, we all headed over to our friends' A & A's house for hanging with Lynette and dinner. It was lovely. A made baked ham with a delicious cranberry glaze, mashed then baked potatoes with onions and sour cream and bacon bits, and green beans. For dessert, we had brownies and ice cream. Wonderful comfort food for a freezing cold night!

R had a great time. He loves his Auntie A and Uncle A, and Lynette is just so much fun. She was snuggling and tickling R and playing games with him. R didn't want to go home. Why would he? :-)

I'm feeling achey and yucky again, so I think I need to go to bed ... if I can tear myself away from watching DVD episodes of "The Office." Darn that writers' strike!

And, the Patriots won again!!! It is SO strange that, after many, many years of Boston teams giving us fans nothing but heartache, we are now home to the best football team ever, two-time World Series champs, and now an awesome basketball team as well. I remember when the Celtics were really good when I was in elementary school - but that was eons ago. It's pretty cool to be around for all the victory parades that have been going on for the last few years. It's a nice change.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day tomorrow! This is the first time since I've known A that he has it off, so we're looking forward to having another day off together. I think we're going to meet up with a friend for lunch in our old neighborhood in Boston for Brazilian food. We'll see how that goes over with R. I'll probably pack an emergency PB&J sandwich just in case.


Wanda said...

Oh what Sunday Fun...I love the picture of your girls and R.

LOL :)

sandwhichisthere said...

Sweetheart, I hope you feel better soon. Be sure to drink plenty of liquids.
As far as cleaning goes, your Mother had a plaque hanging by the sink that said, if I remember correctly,
" Cooking and cleaning can wait till tomorrow,
Cause babies grow up, as we learn to our sorrow.". As usual, it sounds like you are doing exactly the right thing.
all of my love, always, daddy

Trish said...

I hope you feel better today!

It was so fun to be with you guys at church...I was kicking myself on the way out for not saying clearly, "please come back!" Hopefully it goes without saying that the door is always open :)

In the meantime, I am SO on the lookout for the next great band coming through Medford...

Kristen said...

Trish: I really enjoyed the service, and I'll certainly be back! It was so nice to see you and to meet Steve. And we definitely should get together soon. We could always put Lynette on speakerphone. :-)

Gardener Greg said...

Sounds like it was a really fun day. I love going to Church too and going with friends and family. My only problem is that the people I go with want to rush in and rush out. Part of my purpose for going is to relax and contemplate things and so I want to stay till the very end and not rush out. This is something that I have to work on with my family. Wish me luck.


LEstes65 said...

Oh man, Sunday ROCKED! That church service was amazing. I'm so glad you finally got to see what I fell in love with. Now someday I just want you to come see my new Austin church.

I loved hanging with you and your boys. Getting a dose of R was helpful as I was missing Lil' Bro a lot. He is a dream and I LOVE the way he says my name.

I love you.