Thursday, July 10, 2008

Roller coasters

Tonight, we headed to see my friend and her new family at the hospital. (I was itching to hold the babies!) The babies are so beautiful and sweet, and R was absolutely in love with the baby girl in particular. He kept begging to hold her and was so gentle and amazed when he did.

When we arrived tonight, my friend told me what she had just found out today: her dad passed away last night at nearly the same time as the babies were born. He's been battling brain cancer for almost two years, and we knew that this week would probably be his last because he was going downhill very quickly, but it was still a shock. So much joy and sorrow all at once. It's been an emotional roller coaster to say the least.

But, to keep with my friend's attitude, I'm posting some happy pictures from today with the babies and last weekend at our local carnival.

Proud Granny J holding her new grandson:

R, so excited to hold a very sweet girl:


Cap'n Slappy said...

Oh! Oh thank God! Although I knew as soon as Mom showed up, glowing radioactively, quoting their exact weights. I'm so glad everyone is ok, and so sorry about her Dad. Tell her we are so happy for her, and sorry. You are such a wonderful friend Kristen, and you have always been so selfless and giving and comforting, I know that you are a huge comfort and help to her now. What a rollercoaster. I hope he is looking down at his grandbabies now and smiling. Oh, this is a tearjerker. Life. Bless you guys, love you.(R wasn't afraid of the slide? Wow!)

Stef said...

Please let A know that my thoughts and prayers are with her. Such profound joy and enormous sorrow all at once (added to the lack of sleep that two newborns will bring) must be overwhelming. xoxo

sandwhichisthere said...

the pictures are wonderful.Is there anything more important or miraculous than babies?
Just one thing. I have always tried to never interfere in the lives of my daughters. Of course, making a statement like that ensures that interference is coming. Sweetheart, if you are still on a diet, enough is enough. I looked at your picture and recalled your recent comments about losing weight. You can't improve on perfection. I recommend a big, overflowing pastrami sandwich and a big piece of cheesecake,
all of my love to all of you, always, daddy

Greg C said...

If he has been battling brain cancer he is in a better place now. Our prayers are with the family. Thanks for keeping the post upbeat.

Wanda said...

Life is so full of roller have given us a wonderful expression of your joy and sadness.

My prayers are with you too.

Love and Hugs

LEstes65 said...

Man. This still blows me away. God is amazing to give A&A their babies on that same day her dad left this world. And God is amazing to have made sure you are always there.