Sunday, August 3, 2008

I love summer!

Today was supposed to be a simple day of riding bikes and going to the park (for me and R) and painting the bathroom (for A). But over our pancakes, sausages, and strawberries this morning, A suggested we drive out to Kimball Farm for mini golf, bumper boats, and ice cream instead. Sold!

We called up some friends to join us and off we went. It was a beautiful day that varied between hot and sultry and cool and rainy. But the rain showers came and went so quickly that it was perfect for cooling us off for the next activity.

Mini golf is still a little bit too long and difficult for R. With six people in our group, it was hard to wait for his turn and the course wasn't really geared toward kids. But he LOVED the bumper boats (so did I!). I think next year he and his little friend Z may be big enough to drive their own boat together. That'll be loads of fun. :-)

So it was a great summer day - full of fun and greasy food and enormous, heaping piles of delicious ice cream.


sandwhichisthere said...

And on the seventh day, the wisdom of Alan prevailed and Alan rested.
And Kristen saw that it was good and peace and harmony reigned.

Thank you for your description of your day. You have a way with words that conveys a reader to your world and the joy you experience. You will long remember the day of ice cream and mini-golf and bumper boats and crispy food. The park and the paintbrush would be forgotten.
One question arises. As I remember, there are only four colors for the balls in mini-golf. How do six people tell which ball is their's if there are duplicates?
In this you see the working of the male mind. Take a simple thing, analyze it, convolute it, and turn it into something complicated. Analysis is pride of the male mind but I am sure that a woman first coined the word to describe her companion. The first four letters betray the subtle workings of the female touch,
all of my love to you and your family, daddy

Greg C said...

I noticed the same thing about the golf. The best thing you can do is just watch the little ones play and suck it in yourself to make the game go faster. As long as they are hitting they are happy.

Wanda said...

What a fun time ~~ what flavor of ice cream??? Yummy.

Kristen said...

Dad - They had six ball colors, so we were all set (blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and purple).

Greg - Yes, I just decided not to care about the golf game and enjoyed watching the boys attempt to play. I think some of the other grown-ups needed to do that, too.

Wanda - Let's see - R had vanilla and A and I shared a raspberry chocolate chip. It was delicious!

LEstes65 said...

Man, that sounds awesome! Bumper boats. I will have to try that some day!