Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday tidbits

Hey, there! Just a few wee things I wanted to write down/share/etc.

  • A, R, and I are headed out to CA in May. I happened to see an article on Saturday morning about how all the airlines are cutting fares to the west coast, so we did a quick search and found round-trip tickets to LA for $179! Crazy! So, we grabbed 'em. We've been needing to get out there to visit A's family and this was just too good to pass up because it usually costs us twice that much. We're also planning to spend a couple of days in LA to see friends, which will be nice. (Four days is plenty of time with the in-laws. Especially since the last two times have driven me to the brink of a nervous breakdown.) I'm excited to show R the Pacific Ocean.

  • I bought a composter and a rain barrel this week! A and R put the composter together for me. I get all jumpy and silly happy with the thought of composting our food scraps and egg shells and coffee grounds and tea bags instead of throwing them in the trash. The soil in our yard is pretty crappy, so the compost will be a huge help. Hooray!

  • Yesterday, I sent off the registration/application for the after-school program we're hoping to get R into. I hear it's really hard to get in, so I'm praying and crossing fingers and toes and all that. If he doesn't get into this one, which is held at the school where he'll be going to kindergarten, it means we'll have to look at a program where he'll need to take a bus to get there. That just seems like a lot for him to handle all at once - transition to kindergarten 5 days a week (he only goes 3 days a week to pre-K), all new kids (none of the kids from his pre-K class are going to the same elementary school as him), plus taking a bus.

  • Now, I have to finish planning R's birthday party, which is a WEEK FROM SATURDAY. Ack! We're keeping it small this year, just 3-4 friends, and I hired a balloon animal twister dude to come for a little while, which will be great, especially if the weather is stinky and we have to be inside. If it's nice out, we'll be fine because we have our own bouncy house. Between the bouncy house and the balloon animals, time for pizza and cake and ice cream, that will occupy the kids for the whole time. But I still have to get all the paper goods, balloons for decorating, make a cake, etc. And, I'm making cupcakes for R to bring to school on his actual birthday next week. And, I have no idea what to get him for our present to him. We're doing the book swap thing again this year for his friend party (instead of presents, each child brings a wrapped book and takes one home at the end of the party). This worked out so great last year because everyone got a new book, and we didn't end up with a house full of toys we didn't need/want. Some of the other parents of R's friends have borrowed the idea, too. It's gotten to the point where we parents get annoyed if there *is* a party where presents are expected. Most of the parties in our "circle" now either have the book swap or ask people to make a donation to the birthday child's choice of charitable organization. I really like that, and the kids don't seem to even notice.

  • Please keep Wanda in your prayers today as she undergoes surgery for breast cancer. And, if breast cancer has affected you in some way, please consider supporting my friend Tyler, who is raising money to participate in the 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk in Boston.

Boy, it feels like Friday. I wish it were! It's supposed to be 70 degrees here tomorrow. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to call in "sick" at work. If I didn't have a gazillion meetings, I might do the same. :-)

Here's a picture my friend took of A, R, and me a couple of months ago. Now you see why I don't have to worry about flabby arms.


sandwhichisthere said...

no meat or bones in the composter. It will attract unwelcome visitors. Meat and bones and most vegetable scraps get wrapped up and go in the freezer to be added to the stockpots later. I know you have stockpots. I remember your move to Arlington,

Ericka said...

I'm so jealous you got a composter! My latest pile doesn't seem to be doing well - probably because it's in the shade & not getting warm enough. You might want to consider getting some worms too, I have a couple of friends that have added those to the compost, and it helps break everything down faster.

Wanda said...

Hi Kristen ~~ Thank you so much for sharing in my cancer journey and your prayers and support.

I'm feeling so good, still taking it slow, and enjoying getting back to visiting blogs.

Love and Hugs

LEstes65 said...

Have fun in CA. Composting = awesome. Our soil stinks. Wish I had the time/desire. Email me offline and let me know where you're sending R for school.