Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's the latest craze... our house.

R and I have invented something that is going to take the nation by storm. It's a great solution for preschoolers' nighttime craziness - i.e., if you have a five-year-old who gets wild and spazzy 10 minutes before bedtime, this will occupy and exhaust said five-year-old. You can do it almost anywhere. It's good exercise and oodles of fun. Best of all, it's free.

We call it "Roll Your Mother Across the Floor."

Here's how you play:
1. Ask your mother to curl up into a ball on the floor, preferably carpeted (for her sake).
2. Push your mother - with your arms, legs, just throw your whole body into it - until she begins to roll. This will take quite a bit of effort.
3. When your mother stops rolling, which will happen almost immediately, push again. And again.
4. Repeat until your mother reaches the other side of the room or crashes into a piece of furniture.
5. Start again from the opposite side. Be sure to step on your mother's hair at least twice. It may sound like she's crying out in pain, but it's actually sheer enjoyment.

(You'll have to just picture this in your head because there is NO WAY I am posting a video.)



LEstes65 said...

Oh my GOODness! This made me laugh out loud. "This will take quite a bit of effort" and "...or crashes into a piece of furniture" in particular!

Tonight, my boys begged me to chase them. That's it - not really tag. Just chase them around the house. I make roaring noises and they run screaming. I was more out of breath than they were. But they fell asleep VERY quickly.

I will have to read them your game. I have no doubt they will LOVE it!

sandwhichisthere said...

be sure that Rix knows that the game is confined to one room and does not extend into the next. As I learned when you were very young, anyone that pushes Kristen too far is in for dire consequences,
love, daddy

Suztash said...

Are you aiming for Mother of the Century?! I can't believe that R can get you all across the room! Not that you are so big, but you're not round, either! I hope he remembers when he's older, just how far you went to please and entertain him (and wear him out, as well). You're one of a kind my Sweet. Love you, Mom

heidi @ ggip said...

OH my goodness! That sounds like a very painful game.