Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Whiney Wednesday

I know that a few of you all have started doing Thankful Thursdays, and I'm going to join you tomorrow, but first I need to take a Whiney Wednesday.

I love being a mom. There is no doubt about that. But sometimes my little man is a giant pain in the butt!

During dinner tonight, I had to tell R at least 20 times to STAY IN HIS SEAT while he was eating. Yes, honey, I'm excited that you learned the Chicken Dance and the Bunny Hop during gym class today, too, but sit down already - you're getting food everywhere!

Then, it was shower time. For some reason, I've always been the one to give R his baths and to help him in the shower. A week ago, I told A he had to do it from now on because I HATE IT SO MUCH! I hate losing my temper and getting that frustrated. R has no problem swimming underwater or jumping in the deep end of the pool at his swimming lessons. But Lord help us if he gets any water on his face when I'm washing his hair. And, he won't do it himself. He will wash his body, which I am very thankful for, but the hair. Oh, the hair. I am so tired of having wrestling and yelling matches with him every other night. (And, A hasn't stepped in to help. Grumble, grumble.) I've tried everything - I let R wear his swim goggles, I hold a washcloth over his eyes, I've made up games. Sometimes, he's fine about it. But tonight. Argh.

Brushing teeth was the last straw. Why do I have to tell him over and over again every night that he can't just suck on the toothbrush, that he has to move it around and actually BRUSH? And, he dawdled so much at brushing that we only had 15 minutes to read stories instead of our usual half hour.

[Okay, breathe.]

Of course, as with my entire parenting experience -- the challenges are always tempered with inexpressible joy, and the night ended very sweetly. R has been making little books at school - they help him practice writing and reading his sight words. Tonight, he read one of them to me. It was called "I Watch My Garden Grow," and on the "Dedicated to" page, R had written "MOM" all by himself.

Man alive, I love that boy. Even when he makes me absolutely nutty.


LEstes65 said...

Oh man. I feel some of your pain. Make sure you make it very clear to A how you feel about this. I used to be in the same boat. GAH.

The hair thing: Pokemon Boy was forced to have a crew cut for that very reason. When he wanted to grow his hair out, I told him that he'd have to deal with hair washing that wasn't just a quick deal with a washcloth. He wanted long hair enough to deal with it. Lil'Bro just recently got over it but I have a routine I do with his hair to keep water from his face as much as possible. But it happens still and he is told to deal with it. Consequences had to be pulled out as a possibility a while ago and since then, he deals.

Tooth brushing - PB had tons of cavities last year because it was so hard. The solution that worked for both boys? One of those electric Crest toothbrushes. They're cheap compared to the sonic ones. But the boys love them. And now PB does his own. But the dentist told me to keep brushing their teeth until they were 9. That's the age they've found that will actually do it seriously. So PB just started doing his own and I still do LB's. But he likes to try it on his own. He does ok and then I "help" by finishing up and hitting what he missed. But the electric toothbrush (battery operated) seemed to be the turning point for my boys. Dunno if R will feel the same.

You can have as many whiny Weds as you want. Every parent needs them. Especially moms. You're awesome. And your boy rocks.

sandwhichisthere said...

you were never whiney. Whenever a situation arose, you just dealt with it. That was from the time you were very, very, young.
Your friend has some excellent suggestions. A wiffle may be in order or a small diver's face mask. I used to wash your hair when you were very young until the time came when it was felt that it was inappropriate. As far as teeth go, I have no reference. You took tiny flouride pills the dentist prescribed and your Mother handled tooth care.
As far as dancing and dining, my ribs still hurt and I couldn't stop laughing when I read that. Twenty nos are too many. One no and then something must be done. Perhaps a dustpan and brush by the table and if you dump food on the floor, you must clean it up. One of our children found that the dog under the table handled scraps nicely. He even ate brussel sprouts. Whatever you do, don't make mealtimes an ordeal. They are more important to a family than many people realize.
The love that is shared by a Mother and child is one of the few things that human beings do right. It is evident from your writing that you and Rix have a mountain of it,

Stef said...

I think you summed up parenting with this post! It drives you (and every other Mom and Dad) nutty, but then there are those moments that bring you such joy.

I like your Dad's and Lestes' suggestions. I also like your idea to have A handle bath time. And, whine all you want -- on Wednesday or any day! xoxo