Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day in Pictures

We're in the middle of a blizzard up here in Massachusetts. I'm home from work, R is home from school, and we're not going anywhere today. It's a day for cocoa, making cookies, and maybe throwing something in the crockpot for dinner. In between shoveling sessions, of course. I think we're going to look at snowflakes under the microscope, too. It's a day for snuggling together and being in awe of the power of nature.

I'm going to take pictures throughout the day just for fun.

We are exhausted! I have a feeling the shoveling is going to catch up with us in the morning. School is closed again tomorrow, so we have another day to have fun in the snow. Yay! [10:00 pm]

After two hours of shoveling and playing in the snow, we made popcorn and got comfy watching "Despicable Me." [2:00 pm]

A and I shoveled and shoveled and shoveled. We have a short driveway, but we live on a corner lot, so we have A LOT of sidewalk. R played happily in the backyard the whole time, building himself a fort around our play structure.[11:00 am - 1:00 pm]

I can't believe the juncos are coming out to feed! The wind is unbelievable, and it's still snowing hard and sideways. These poor little things must be so hungry. I'm glad we can share a few seeds with them. [10:30 am]

A is making pancakes and bacon! I love him. We'll definitely work off the calories today with all the shoveling. [10:00 am]

Warm, funky slipper socks are keeping my toes warm. [9:30 am]

Here's the view from my back door at 9 am. I accidentally chased away a chickadee from the feeder when I opened the door. Sorry, little guy!

How are you spending your day? Are you snowed in?


Kristin said...

I know, didn't that mac and cheese look amazing?!! I start drooling every time I think about it :-). Hope you have a wonderful snow day. I'm a bit jealous because you got the snow we were supposed to get! Alas, only a dusting (and a broken heart) here! Enjoy it for me!

Kristen said...

Kristin: I wish we could share the snow with you. Close to 2 feet, and it's still coming down! We are definitely enjoying it, though! :-)

Kansas Bob said...

Not snowed in Kristen but staying in because it is really cold. Predications for sub-zero temps tonight. Brrr!

Kristen said...

Yikes, Bob, that's cold! Stay warm!

sandwhichisthere said...

After we talked, I went for a walk. It was not very cold and the snow was only about calf deep. I have always enjoyed walking in the snow. The roads were covered by a packed layer of snow and that made me think of how, when I was much younger, we used to mush cars. Mushing consisted of grabbing on to the rear bumper of a slow moving car and sliding for miles. It was like water skiing on snow. I don't think that anyone could do that today because the bumpers don't stick way out.
I was surprised by the snow. Several days ago I saw a robin in the tree out front and several Vees of geese heading North.
Thank you for the picture of the Junco. They have always been my favorite bird.
Snow forts are a joy for the backyard but don't let R build one on the sidewalk. A passing plow can collapse a snow fort. R must also be aware of the possibility of Susie Derkins being nearby. That girl has a deadly arm,

City Girl said...

Wow! You guys got hit hard. Love the photos and how you spent your day! R is getting so big! xoxo

LEstes65 said...

I do have to say your pictures make me miss these types of snow days. I do NOT miss the shoveling or our last upstairs neighbors that used to never shovel - waiting until we gave in and did it. Gah! That snow is GORGEOUS! My boys would have loved to help R build his fort!!!

sandwhichisthere said...

nice socks! From the colors I would guess that they are Scandanavian,

sandwhichisthere said...

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