Friday, December 21, 2007

Snow and cold

It snowed AGAIN yesterday. What was predicted to be 1-2 inches and then changing to rain ended up being 6 inches (and no rain)! I'm starting to panic a little bit about the rest of the winter being like this. But R is in heaven. He helped me shovel, and we had SO much fun visiting his friend Z. Mostly they played trains inside, but once we convinced them to go outside, we all had a blast.

R will eat snow non-stop if we let him.

Z's mom and I built the snowman while the boys jumped off snow cliffs. I cannot remember the last time I made a snowman - it was probably in the 1970s! It was so much fun and the boys loved it. They found the sticks for the arms, begged Z's mom to get a carrot for his nose, and then were very excited to have their picture taken with their new, snowy friend.

After some sledding and more snow eating, R was lured back inside by Z's incredible train layout and the promise of hot chocolate. After cocoa and snacks, the boys burned up their energy by jumping off the couch.

R's school got out early today for the holiday break, so A took him sledding with one of his classmates while I was home working. Tonight, we headed to the zoo to see their light display and ride some kiddie rides. First up was the all-important train. R loved it despite what he looks like in this picture. He was just so cold!

R and I rode the carousel together. He was getting really sad about how cold he was, so we decided to make funny faces every time we passed by Daddy.

A took R on the spinny tea-cup ride. Of course, R loved it and wanted to go on it again, but we decided to high-tail it back to the car to defrost and head home.

I think R was the coldest he's ever been. The poor guy was a little freaked out by how cold his toes were, especially the part where they hurt as they were warming back up again. Next year, we'll go on a warmer night.

This was our fourth year taking him to the zoo at Christmastime. The first three years he had his picture taken with Santa. And, as much as I don't want to emphasize Santa, I was kind of hoping for another Santa picture just so we could see the progression. We did stand in the picture line for a few minutes tonight, but then R decided he didn't want to see Santa. He wanted A to lift him up to see him, which he did, but then R was satisfied and requested that we move along. So we didn't push it. On the way home tonight, R said: "I really liked when I saw Santa and he didn't see me." But he said it in a very sweet, smiley way - almost like it was sort of magical and special for him.

Tomorrow, we're off to get R a badly needed haircut, then we're braving the mall. Ugh. I thought I was going to get through the season without entering a mall, but I have to get a few stocking stuffers for A and R. Hopefully we can get our butts into gear early enough to get a parking space closer than outer Mongolia. :-)


sandwhichisthere said...

Dear Kristen,
reading your description of your family's holiday is like reading a Tasha Tudor book. One caution however, little blond boy and snowmen. He doesn't have a stuffed tiger does he?

Johanna said...

I love R's Santa reaction- when AJ was three, he was really afraid of monsters, and I would reassure him by reminding him that Jessie the dog never ever actually slept, and she would eat any monsters that came in, the way she ate the bottom of the bathroom door when I stuck her in there for 20 minutes. So when the Santa question came up, and I told him that Santa was a make believe man that some children believe comes in their house on Christmas Eve after everyone is asleep and leaves presents. AJ got wide eyed and then laughed in relief-"It's ok, because Jessie would eat him" he said, and that was settled. He's got to be kind of creepy to little kids, and, well, how do people explain that this guy breaks into the house through the chimney they may or may not have,and they are cool with this complete stranger busting in. Same deal with the Tooth Fairy,"Ok, Honey, she's going to come into your room and sit on your bed and reach under your pillow- but there's no way robbers or monsters could get you, I'd wake up for that". Great pictures!!!

Wanda said...

Dear one, so sorry I've been bad at you know, been at the nursing home a lot. Did want to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You are special to me, Love and Hugs

Stef said...

Great snowman, Kristen! I love the pics of R and the description of his cold little tootsies. Miss you all! Merry Christmas! xoxo

Suztash said...

I'm so glad you two are giving R so many great memories! His childhood is framed in love and laughter. Hope his toes are okay. Love you and hope your Christmas is wonderful. Will call.

LEstes65 said...

YEAH!!! I love this post. All that SNOW. I am enjoying it vicariously through you. Loved seeing R & Z together. I thought of them on Saturday during Lil' Bro's birthday. Wish they could have been at the inflatable place with Lil' Bro and The Boy.

Love you and your gorgeous family. Merry Christmas to all three of you.

Johanna said...

Hey, we got your package Saturday- I'm so sorry we didn't call today, it was freakin' craziness and Shaun and I were up till 4 wrapping presents and drinking mead- and then up again at 8, so the day was kind of a blur- the kids' stuff for R will be there in a few days, I actually somehow thought Christmas was Wed,blah blah.. I never saw anything as beautiful as your card saying that R's stuff would be a little late!!!! I love you guys, hope you had a great day, and wish we could spend tomorrow in our pajamas letting the kids play air hockey and watch 800 consecutive Bill Nye videos. After I clean my absolutely trashed house that I'm trying to walk through squinting so I don't have to stay up till 4 again.

NoVA Dad said...

I loved this post and the great photos; despite the cold, it looks like everyone had fun!

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a happy and healthy 2008! Can't wait to read more of your posts in the coming year!