Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mini rebellion

I've been in a bit of a funk lately, which has kept me from posting. I find it hard to write about happy things when I'm blue, but I also don't want to share my blues with everyone, so I just don't post. No mystery there, I guess.

But R made me laugh so hard the other day that I had to share. Every weekend, all three of us go grocery shopping together. A and I always loved grocery shopping before R came along - and we still do, actually. I think because food is the central activity and shared love in our lives. I won't buy myself new clothes or new underwear even when everything I own is in shreds or stained or faded, but we'll spend relative ridiculous amounts of money on good cheese, meat, vegetables, and fruit - and on going out to eat. It's our great love.

Anyway, back to the grocery shopping. R doesn't share our love of the grocery store. He hates it. But because A and I both love it so much - and because if only one of us goes, we forget things - we drag him along anyway.

So, last weekend, while we were doing our usual pleading with R to get ready, put his clothes on, brush his teeth, etc., R asked me, "How do you spell I?" [Quiet for a minute.] Then, "How do you spell do?" [Quiet again.] Then, "How do you spell not want?" [More quiet.]

Do you see where is going?

I spelled everything out for him, then he handed me this:

It says - in crazy jumbledness because he ran the letters around the Doodle Pad in circles - "I do not want to go to the grocery store."

My little rebel. At least he's polite with his protests, providing them to us in note form. :-)


Stef said...

Hahaha! Love it! He's polite in his protests and in his intellectual curiosity! Given that he is at an age in which he loves to protest, he should get his own notepad. Think of how far along he will be with his writing before he starts kindergarten! xoxo to you all

LEstes65 said...

People that can cook and bake like you and A SHOULD buy good food. For those of us that lame out and never find the time to cook, we buy the cheap stuff. HA!

Love R's sign. That is just AWESOME!

Wanda said...

Is that not just too cute.

There is a book in his future, this little writer...

Unlike you, I love new underwear!!!!

sandwhichisthere said...

I hate the store with eggs and ham
Sure of this I am, I am
If the rulers here would use their brains
They'd find a store
With food and trains

Suztash said...

I used to LOVE to accompany my mother when she would go to the store....any store! LOVE to shop...not with abandon as far as money goes but just enjoy the treasure hunting! Is there any way R might be enticed by presenting the outing as an adventure or a scavenger "hunt"? If he had a list of his own, maybe including something exotic? I'm glad that you have this shared enjoyment with your husband. Maybe you and R could pick out a simple recipe ahead of time, then there would be a purpose to your trip to the store which would include R's input at the store and then once you were home with putting the ingredients together to creat a meal. Just a thought. Love you. Praying for the cause of your "blueness". God bless. Mom

Kansas Bob said...

What a sweet story Kristen. Hope all is well.. how is the job situation with A?

heidi @ ggip said...

How funny!

I have denied my CLB going to the store priviledges for so long that he now really wants to go with me.