Monday, March 9, 2009

A taste of spring

This weekend was beautiful! Warm, sunny, close to 70 degrees, I think. On Saturday, A and R and I headed into Boston to go for lunch at Popeye's in Kenmore Square. That was a day-after-A's-birthday treat. We had fried chicken, biscuits, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, dirty rice, lemonade, the works. It was so good. Then we walked around the city a bit for fun. That night, we went to visit friends for a fondue dinner. R had a rough time at first because there were people there that he didn't know (that's been a problem for him recently), but eventually he relaxed and we all had fun. Although I didn't get to eat much or talk to the adults much between comforting and hanging with R and being dragged around to play by our friends' two-year-old. (Their kids have always latched onto me with a vengeance. But I don't mind that at all.) :-)

On Sunday, we slept in (we had two very late nights between Friday - when we spent A's birthday with our friends and their twins - and Saturday - fondue night). Just before lunchtime, we headed to one of the parks in our town so R could ride his bike, go to the playground, watch the big boys at the skateboard park, and so we could fly a kite and take a nature walk. It was pretty muddy since all the snow had just melted, but I could have stayed there all day. I love walking by the marsh, listening to the calls of the red wing blackbirds, and exploring puddles and rocks and streams with R and A.

After lunch at home, I went shopping with my friend for our co-worker's upcoming baby shower. I haven't been to Babies R Us in a long time, so it was fun for me. I can't believe how much has changed - in terms of new products and what they carry at the store - in just 5 years since I had R! My friend and I actually laughed at some of the new stuff - like a baby shower/spa (instead of a simple plastic baby tub) - crazy!

When I got home again, R and I headed to the backyard so he could practice baseball and soccer. I wish I had had a camera with me then. He was wearing a very cool red t-shirt (with a skull on it - he and A picked it out at Old Navy when I was waiting for them at the cash register), his new navy track pants, his new Spiderman/flashing sneakers, and holding the baseball bat. He just looked so grown up. I was proud and so sad at the same time. I also find it pretty funny that I'm the one teaching the kid how to play baseball and soccer (while A was inside making dinner - chicken pesto pizza!!). I was never big into organized sports as a child. I wouldn't say that I'm unathletic, but just pretty clueless as to how to teach a four-year-old to play these things. But we had fun, and R is actually quite good at hitting balls and kicking the soccer ball around. We played until it was nearly dark. (When I said that we needed a light in the backyard, R told me, "Mommy, Jesus can be our light!" While I'm sure Jesus was with us and smiling at the fun we were having together, I don't think He's on call to be our literal flashlight.) :-)

Oh! The other thing I did this weekend was make a new mantlescape and put up some new mirrors I bought recently (3 for $10!). Let me know what you think.

Here's the almost-full view. I accidentally cut off the ends when I took the picture. That's where I put some beautiful stones that my sister gave me long ago.

I got the two fleur de lis for $3 each. I use a lot of white, yellow, and blue in my decorating - no matter what season.

I used some books to give my chicken dish some height. I love that chicken dish so much. It was my grandmother's, and she always kept it full of butterscotch candies. A and I keep it full of dark chocolate. (Except for right now - it has mini Snickers. Those won't last long.) The teapot and the cup and saucer are from our regular dishes. I have many, many teapots. I pull out different ones for the mantle every season.

I had a little mushroom bird stashed away in my crafts cabinet, so I plopped him in the tea cup on top of another stone. Then I laughed because it looked kind of odd. A was slightly disturbed by this, too. But I kept it.

This wall is at the bottom of our stairs, behind the front door, and in a very dark corner of our living room. I saw these mirrors at the Christmas Tree Shop and had to get them. I like the different shapes and how each mirror gives you a different view (pictured here - my leg and a Lego-covered coffee table, a door, and my sunset photo - fascinating, isn't it? Hee hee). And, it gave me a place to put R's old school pictures. R helped me lay everything out.

So those are my latest house projects. (Besides giving away three ginormous garbage bags full of clothes to Goodwill. I'm on a decluttering mission!)

The snow is back today, but it's okay. I know it's temporary. And, after a lovely weekend like we just has, who can complain?


sandwhichisthere said...

your color preferences tickled me. White and blue and yellow, those may not be a conscious choice. Swedes have a preference for blue and yellow. It may be because they were confined by white for so much of the year and blue and yellow are the colors of spring.
Every year my Father would repaint the kitchen at the request of my Mother. He was an excellent painter. One year he would paint the kitchen blue with yellow trim. The next year he would paint the kitchen yellow with blue trim. He did this year after year and my Mother was allways pleased with her new color scheme. He could cut a window sash free hand. He is the one that taught me that only a good brush is worth the money. A cheap brush is a waste of money.
He taught me much about painting but never wallpapering. I learned that through trial and error. He taught me the most important lesson about wall papering after he died.
Whenever he had some days off or a vacation, he would work for Paul Millot, a painting contractor in Newton. At my Father's wake, Millot came up to my Mother and said "Betty, I will miss him so much. He was a friend and the best wall paperer I ever had.".
Later on my Mother said to me "I didn't know your Father could wall paper.". A lesson to me from beyond.
One important thing that I have learned about wall paper, vinyl on vinyl NEVER! It is like trying to iron a slinky. If you absolutely have to have it, put border paste where the seam will fall, where the seams are to be.
A wiffle ball bat and a sackful of wiffle balls are best for teaching hitting. Wiffle balls don't break windows and, because little hands get slippery, wiffle ball bats don't break pitchers,
all of my love, daddy

Stef said...

The mantle and the mirrors to accent R's pictures look great! You have a knack for this, girl! xoxo to you all

Suztash said...

Ilove your little bird in the cup! Your mantle looks lovely and's you. Boy, I sure miss hitting the Christmas Tree Shops. Maybe this summer, I hope! Love you. Mom

Wanda said...

Love all your decorations... I adore the bird in the teacup.. I have a real little bird nest I found in one of my tea cups. Maybe I'll post it on a Monday Show and Tell.

Love and Hugs

Teachermom said...

Love the mantlescape (as well as the term 'mantlescape,' which I had never heard used but fits perfectly)! My mantel is often 'scaped' with Wii remotes and thingies that for some reason C seems to think are okay to put up there. *sigh*. Yours looks great, and I love that you got such bargain prices!

We are having a beautiful Spring weekend here. Last weekend, Fri. was 70, but then it rained all Noah-style on Sat. & Sun, which was mighty depressing. This weekend it's in the 40's/50's, but sunny and lovely. I've thrown open the windows and ordered the germs OUT! :)

I need to check in more often - haven't looked at my own blog or anyone else's in far too long.

:) Laura