Tuesday, June 2, 2009

As seen on TV

Does anyone else find this ad disturbing? It gives me the creeps. Especially the purple box that says "You're Better Off" inside!

Apparently, my exes were cheap weenies because I do not have a cache of expensive jewelry to hock in their honor.


sandwhichisthere said...

shiny bits of metal and colored stones are the treasures of primitive people. Memories and feelings are the treasures that have value. The shiny bits of metal may make good fishing lures. At least you can eat the fish.
If you buy a diamond at retail today, twenty years from now you would be lucky to get the purchase price for it. I find the DeBeers ads more disgusting than the purple box.

"Diamonds, leave her breathless!". What they are really saying is "Diamonds, that will shut her up.".

LEstes65 said...

Oh. My. FREAKING. Goodness! I have NEVER seen that! "Request your BreakUp Box today!"

Yikes. I'm with sandwichisthere. Most of the jewelry commercials (whether they're selling new stuff or telling you to send in your old stuff) really tasteless.

I remember the diamond pitch telling single women to raise their right hand. So, if you don't have a man to buy you a diamond, go put yourself in hock and buy one for your right hand yourself. Why do we have to have these baubles? Seriously.