Thursday, February 4, 2010

What do you do with a drunken sailor?

It's another "random stuff" post. That gives you some insight into my brain as of late. I can't pull together anything coherent... for that I blame R and his recent horrible sleeping habits.

I should totally win the Worst Mom of the Year award. Why? Because I taught R the words to "Drunken Sailor." He's been humming the tune because it's frequently the background music on Spongebob, so I couldn't help filling in the lyrics for him (just the first verse and chorus). [What the heck is wrong with me?!?]

A and I had a long talk about money and more babies, and we decided to take a couple of months to see how much extra money we could save by being careful, not eating out as much, etc. And, then the vacuum died. And, we went skiing with R's friend from school and his family. And, A forgot his gloves and hat when we went skiing, so he had to sell an organ buy replacements at the exorbitant pro shop at the lodge. Sigh.

 Now for the better stuff...

We got R into the camp we loved for 8 weeks this summer, and he'll be with lots of other kids he knows, and the bus picks up and drops off right down the street from our house. It makes me feel so much better to have that all settled.

I bought a bird feeder and seed a couple of weeks ago and set everything up in the backyard so that I can watch from my home office. I could watch the birds for hours! The greedy little sparrows, the solo chickadee that swoops in and out of nowhere, the cardinal couple. The blue jays keep their distance - so strange! The seed I bought has red pepper flakes in it, which supposedly don't bother the birds, but they do bother squirrels, so the squirrels haven't been a problem. The sparrows show up in a gang and completely empty the feeder in less than 2 hours, but I still enjoy watching the scene. It makes me happy to feed these little guys that are outside in the frigid cold.

This morning, I volunteered in R's classroom again. I really love doing it, but sometimes I feel like I'm not actually a help to R's teacher. I usually get assigned to one table with 4 or 5 children, and it is SO hard to spend adequate time with each child and help them with their writing assignment. Inevitably, one of the more confident writers finishes up early and gets up from the table to wander around the classroom before I can stop them and redirect them to something else at their seat. But today was great! Everyone was very quiet and focused for the most part, and I was able to help five children in a substantial way, meanwhile getting to be near R and check in with him occasionally. (He is doing fabulous in his writing, by the way - I am so proud of him.)

Have I talked about how much I love R's teacher? It makes me teary-eyed to think about it. I always get this urge to hug her when I see her. She is so nurturing and fun and down to earth and such a great communicator with the parents. R loves her, too. He keeps calling her Mom (and calling me Miss R). When other parents from R's school ask me which teacher he has for kindergarten and I tell them, they either get all excited and gushy (because their kid had her, too) or look longingly and wistfully (because their kid didn't but they've heard how wonderful she is). We really lucked out. R is having the positive kindergarten experience I hoped he would have. Yay!

R and I are heading to Florida soon for our mommy-son adventure. We are so excited to see my family and to be where it's warm! I've had it with the mid-20-degree days, especially when there's no snow on the ground for sledding.

With two weeks of no camp during the summer, we are now planning our family vacation time. Those weeks just happen to coincide with one of the weeks that a bunch of our friends go camping on Cape Cod. We've been meaning to join them for years, but this will probably be the year we actually do it. Except that I was thinking that our family would only go for maybe 2 days (since I've never really been camping before, and I'm not that gung ho for it to begin with). Last night, A proposed going for an entire week. LOL! Luckily, one of our friends emailed everyone to say that she's thinking we should all rent a house this year instead. Fine by me!

New Office tonight - finally! That clip show two weeks ago was RIDICULOUS. Making us wait 6 weeks for a new episode and then showing a clip show?!? ARGH!

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sandwhichisthere said...

it is o.k. to sell an organ to get a hat and gloves but never sell the piano. I am amazed that you found a way to keep the squirrels out of the bird feeder. I never was able to and found that I became fond of the little devils and their resourcefulness. I think that I like Juncos best of all.