Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Operation Scribe

Last weekend, I found cool monogrammed journals at the crafts store for $1. I bought a K one for me and an R one for R. :-)

On Sunday afternoon, I sat down with R and our journals. I wrote about our day and drew some little pictures to help him see what you can do with a journal. But I told him his journal could be anything he wanted it to be and that he doesn't have to show us what he writes if he doesn't want to. (Thanks for the suggestion, Dad!)

So, without any discussion, R opened up the title page, used a couple of stamps, and wrote this:

"A scientist's journal"

On his first page, he wrote about how he found a meteorite on the sidewalk. And, he drew a picture of himself, the meteorite, and him saying, "Take that! Take that!" And, then he drew poop falling out of his butt onto the ground. 

I told him he could write whatever he wanted, right?


Today, he's home sick with a bad cold. He was up half the night, so we kept him home to rest. Except that he's been nuts ever since. Anyway, he dug out his electricity science kit, and we did some experiments with circuits and lightbulbs, a tiny motor, creating a switch, etc. (Fun!) So, we took out our journals again, and R wrote: "We mad lekchriste." (Translation: We made electricity.)

So far, the journal has been a hit!


Ericka said...

Better that he draw poop falling out of his butt. Drew's mom tells a story about how, when he was 2, he actually pooped on top of their TV.

I'm not sure how that worked, physics wise, but I'll believe it.

sandwhichisthere said...

And whose Easter candy was it? If it belonged to whom I think it belonged, R better start looking for a good secure place to stash his Halloween candy.

Kim for the Kings said...

Kristen! That's so exciting that Nathanael shares R's birthday! That makes me so happy!!! Thanks for letting me know. Greg and I were just talking today about how we don't personally know anyone born on April 22, and now we do! :)