Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update on the Great Flood of 2010

The water kept rising last night, so we had to call the fire department because we were worried about our furnace being on, the water reaching up to the electrical outlets in the basement, etc. They added us to a list for visits. Then, our friend across town - who was dealing with the same issues - called us and said his pump had cleared out most of his water, so we could borrow it. Hallelujah! While A was off picking up the pump, the firemen showed up and turned off our furnace. We were so lucky to have had heat all day.

Except for one mishap where part of the pump came apart and water started spraying all over the basement and A at high pressure, the pump worked great. I woke up at 7 am and we only had about 2 inches of water left. Two hours later, it looks like an inch. Yay! A was up all night, so he's resting now. We turned the heat and hot water back on at 7 am. A and I both took today off to deal with the rest of the water and to clean up and prevent mold. And, thank God, the sun is out, and it's going to be sunny and spring-like for the rest of the week!

I'll update on R and school when I talk to his teacher on Thursday. Yesterday at pickup, she told me it was nothing bad - she just wants to make sure we're on the same page about some things. Doesn't that sound like I'm in trouble?

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