Monday, September 24, 2007

Birthday and rockets

It takes me forever to download pictures off our camera, so I tend to post a bunch of photos all at once. Here are some pictures from my birthday canoe trip with A, R, and my sister:

Here is evidence of why we don't have many good family pictures. Either we can't get R to sit still or my sister or I have our eyes closed. :-)

This is what happens when R misses his nap and we completely wear him out with excitement and fun.

This past weekend, we had another model rocket outing with our friends. We tried a new field that was next to farmland, which worked out really well (until A had to try to find one of his rockets amongst the cornstalks!). There were actually two other families there setting off rockets, and we ended up chatting and helping each other do recovery. Plus, there were a bunch of kids who were just hanging out and ended up being our fan club. It was a beautiful day, and we had great fun! I'm really getting into this hobby now. Mostly, I stand around, chat with my friend Lis (the only other woman there), keep the kids fed and hydrated, slather on sunscreen, and take pictures. But it's so nice just to be out in the sun with friends and to watch the boys (young and old) get so excited about the rockets.

R shows off his new purple rocket to the "fan club."

Prep time!

R and his friend Zachary share some snacks.

Our friends Mark and Pendragon

I love watching A and R working on the rockets together.

Triple rocket launch - before and after:

My best action shot! I love that you can actually see the engine firing!

Out of focus liftoff, but I'm still proud I caught it!


LEstes65 said...

I always adore pix of R. And I'm a little disappointed that I didn't see any close ups of 'Estes' on any of those rockets! HA.

Johanna said...

Great pictures especially catching the launches! We have to start rocketing again soon.For a long time, AJ was so scared one of us would have to take him far away from the rockets and the other adult would have to keep Mike from standing directly on top of the launch pad.We still say "put da wockets back in da box and wet's go home" to each other( this is what AJ would be screaming the whole time).

Wanda said...

This so reminds me of the movie "October Sky". Great pictures....where is Rocket Man.

Teachermom said...

Love the family pic! It's also sweet how much A and R like working on the rockets together. Very cute.