Saturday, September 8, 2007


Today was our town's "Town Day." It's basically a giant street fair, complete with booths, music, carnival food, bouncy houses, library book sale, pony rides, etc. The festivities are kicked off the night before with music, fireworks, balloon rides, and this crazy tradition of the middle school and high school kids having a mass shaving cream fight (I have yet to witness this part, though).

It's a lot of fun. Normally.

Today it was 95 degrees, sunny, and humid. In September. In Massachusetts. (!!!!!!)

We were there for close to 2 hours, but probably 1.5 hours of that was spent sitting in the shade, panting, and drinking as much water as possible. By the time we were heading home, all three of us were cranky. We spent most of the rest of the day recovering inside with the A/C on. The heat completely wiped us out. (R was asleep before 9 pm tonight!)

It's scary to me how many times this summer I've talked to my mom in Florida and discovered that it's hotter here than in Florida. Florida, people!!!

Cute God notes of today, though:
  • This morning while I was brushing my teeth, R was hanging out in the living room. I heard him talking, but I couldn't figure out what he was saying so I asked him, "What, honey?" He answered back, "Nuffing! I'm talking to God!"

  • During grace before dinner, I asked God to send us some rain. (It's been a LONG time and everything is brown and crispy outside.) Within five minutes, the sky got dark and we heard a loud rumble. I told R, "I guess God was listening!" He thought that was very funny. (It took a couple more hours for the rain to show up, but we did get a little!)


LEstes65 said...

I keep trying to explain New England heat to people down here. Even on our "humid" days, it's not like New England. So yah, 95 down here is actually pleasant if we have a breeze. Up there, I remember how draining and thick that feels. GACK!

I LOVE those God moments!!! That little R just ROCKS!

Wanda said...

The prayers of children are just the best, aren't they!

Teachermom said...

Nuffing, talking to God! That's so sweet. :)