Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thanks a lot, Prokofiev!

On Thursday, A and R went to the library and picked up a set of new books. We take R every three weeks, and it's been great for discovering new favorite authors (like David Wiesner, who is AMAZING). We also pick up a book on tape each time, which has been great. Whenever R begs to watch TV, we offer the book on tape as an alternative, and it almost always works. It's really nice to listen to the tape, turn the pages with R, and snuggle together on the couch.

This week, A picked up Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev as the book on tape. R has really enjoyed the story, but A didn't check it beforehand and forgot (as did I) about the part where men are hunting the wolf with guns. R asked a lot of questions about that part, and we tried to answer honestly. Then, it happened. The day I've been dreading since I found out in December 2003 that I was having a boy. My sweet, loving son who loves both man and beast ran into the bathroom while I was in there, held one of his drum sticks like a gun, and pretended to shoot it at me.


So, of course we talked to him for awhile about guns and how dangerous they are, and how I don't want him to ever pretend to point one at someone (person or animal) again. I have always known that this day would come, and I decided long ago that when it did, I would let R pretend with his finger or a stick or something, but that I will never purchase a toy gun - or have one in our house. He can use his imagination, and that's it. But, honestly! I guess I thought we still had a few years to go before the issue came up. Hopefully, this will pass just as most of these kinds of things do with him.

(At least R isn't the first of his friends to do this. It's actually kind of funny because one of his friends/classmates has been pretending to shoot things, and his parents publish a peace magazine that focuses on non-violence, peace movements, etc. They must be mortified. The boy's dad won't even go to nearby Castle Island because it has an old fort from the 1700s that has working cannons.)

On a brighter note: Tonight, we played several rounds of Ants in the Pants before bedtime, and R has totally mastered that game! He beat me many times, and I taught him the word "champion." :-)

Also, happy anniversary to me and A! We were married 7 years ago today in New Orleans. A is cracking open some champagne now, so I'm going to sign off. Happy weekend to everyone, and GO SOX!!!


Trish Ryan said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Looks like the Sox are celebrating with you :)

Wanda said...

Happy Anniversary...What a nice bunch of books you got, and I would love to see you and R play ants in your pants!! ((smile))

LEstes65 said...

I think I posted a while ago that, after 7 years of a weapon-free house, I now have about 2 swords. Cai doesn't really want a gun but he wants hand "cups" - hand cuffs. He saw them at the play therapist's office. I don't mind the swords - we have strict rules about them. But I don't care how many safety release latches they have - hand cuffs are way too risky a toy!!!

It will pass. Cai is back to his cars already. I rarely see the swords.

Suztash said...

i'm so sorry I didn't call on your anniversary! I hope you had a lovely day/evening and are well on your way to a wonderful start to a new and even more wonderful year together. Nice of the Red Sox to win the series in honor of your wedding anniversary! I think that
"weapons" of some sort are inevitable with little boys. Perhaps it's the Hunter/gatherer in the psyche. I am intent on having all the Sunday school children (including M, A, and C) learn about the "armor of God"....which is primarily defensive in nature...the helmet of salvation, the shield of faith, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the shoes of peace....AND then our weapon...the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. Knowing the Bible is so important, and yet this knowledge is becoming among the younger generations a lost art, a hardly regarded necessity. There are good and productive (eternally) to engage in battle and wield weapons!

Johanna said...

I think it's the same power thing as trains and big trucks and dinosaurs, they are little and guns would make them as strong as, well, anything else. I never ever gave the boys gun toys, but they run into them at the park, or at other people's houses, people who buy their kids toy rifles and actual bb guns. And they were really fascinated for awhile, and then it just dropped like anything else. Recently, Calvin has been using little gardening shovels as swords(usually outside, by himself). He came up to me the other day with the pointiest shovel, which the kids have named Arrow. He yelled "Let's battle, Mom! Here's your weapon!". He had the pointy shovel, and he handed me a feather. Not fair.Happy Anniversary, and I must say the Red Sox makes me a little cranky, only because I know a certain dude in MA who must be over the moon about it, and he probably feels his screaming at the TV somehow aided them in their success.

shaun said...

Happy late anniversary !!
I think you wil find as R gets older, that he is a boy . We need a battle, something to fight and weapons to fight with. I am not saying that you should give in and buy him guns & ammo, but you shouldn't be surprised that he will want to do battle. I ythink it's a part of being a boy.

Ericka said...

Happy Anniversary!

I'm glad you have someone who realizes the importance of champagne on special occasions. I think I'll have to get some soon for our anniversary (a few weeks late now, but oh, well).

I think the guns thing was inevitable, and will pass. It can't be anywhere near as fun as ants in the pants (hee hee), and at least it doesn't involve physical contact, like throwing blocks and cars at people does. Or at least not yet. Hope you're having a good weekend now. love you,