Monday, November 26, 2007

My budding artist

R made me the happiest mama on Friday: He drew people for the very first time! I was SO EXCITED! I don't know why, but I've been hoping he would for a long time. Generally, his drawings and paintings are pretty abstract :-) - he's titled most of his recent work as "Fire" - and he's always said that he can't draw people or that it's too hard. But he did it, and I'm so proud. (Can you tell?) And, what people did he draw? His mommy and daddy!

First up is me. I've got a head, two eyes, lips, arms, and legs.

Next is Daddy. Daddy has a head, eyes, ears, a beard, arms, and legs.

A and I were talking this weekend about all the changes in R's life this year. It's truly incredible. The year of being three is quite tumultuous! R was potty trained, moved to a twin bed, stopped taking naps, learned to spell his first and last name, started writing letters, moved into little boy clothes (vs. toddler sizes), etc., etc. Lately, he's been having many more meltdowns - either crying or getting very angry and frustrated. I'm sure all of the changes in his life, plus becoming aware of all his different feelings just gets overwhelming at times. He's definitely in that time of his life where he goes back and forth between wanting to be a big boy and a baby. And, I want him to be both, too. I love introducing him to new things now that he's older (like "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and hot chocolate, both introduced this weekend) and I love our family game time at night and raking leaves together and going bowling. But I also love how he can't say his "th"s and how he sucks his thumb when he's sleepy and how he wants me to be with him every minute of every day.

Post-Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful. We raked lots of leaves, took R to an indoor playspace we hadn't been to before, went out for breakfast, met friends at a nearby playground, and had our dear friends A&A over for roast chicken and T-day leftovers on Sunday night. (So, we got our lovely at-home Thanksgiving after all.)

At the playground we went to on Sunday, R and his little friend A had tons of fun climbing the scariest, tallest climbing structure I've ever seen. I was scared to climb it myself, but R scampered up the webbing quicker and quicker each time - and then went down the HUGE slide while screaming maniacally.

These were taken a little closer to the ground. :-)

Only 40 minutes left of Cyber Monday now, and I didn't order anything online today. I feel so left out. :-) I did buy lots of new Christmas decorations this weekend, and if R hadn't been getting restless, I would have spent gobs more money. I really want to make the house look special for R this year. I think I even convinced A to finally put up the outdoor lights that I bought three years ago but never opened!

And, thank you, everyone for your comments on my dreary Thanksgiving post. God definitely had the same idea as you all. I had two morning devotions in a row that were about being cheerful and being full of joy. I like to think that I'm a positive person, but I definitely have a cynical side and a tendency to get mired in either self-pity or self-loathing. This weekend, I imagined that I had two boxes that were full of two areas of my life that I tend to either worry about or have negative feelings about. And, I imagined that I took those boxes and laid them at the Lord's feet for him to take care of. And then I walked away (again, in my imagination). It has definitely helped me so far, and I pray that I can keep from sneaking up and trying to open those boxes again.

Finally, I want to end this post with a link to my brother-in-law's blog because he and my sister did a really wonderful thing on Thanksgiving, and I'm so moved by them. They don't have a lot themselves, but they shared what they do have (and more!) with some people in real need. God bless them - and all of you!


LEstes65 said...

What a wonderful happy post. You made me smile the whole way through. Goodness, I love your boy. It's cool to see how R and Lil' Bro are growing together. Lil' Bro just had his first whole day in underwear - no pull-ups. He was home sick with me. I didn't have many meetings so was able to monitor and we had a dry day!!! Wooo-hoo!

Love you tons...

Suztash said...

I will make this brief, since my last epistle was dumped! R's pictures are wonderful! I can see the family resemblance in yours! He's such a beautiful boy! Love you both. God bless.

Trish Ryan said...

Awww...your post makes me feel all warm and happy inside! Your son is at such a fun yet in-between stage. I remember my niece telling my sister when she turned 3, (with her own little lisp) "But what if Iiked 2 better? I wath tho good at being 2!"

Johanna said...

I really like the putting negative things in boxes and laying them at God's feet(and was thinking in the back of my mind"could they be transparent plastic, so I could just look in on them once in a while?"), it reminds me a little of a T D Jakes sermon mom taped for me, where T D was picking up suitcases and bags of "cares" and responsibilities and dependencies, until he was overloaded, and then he dumped them all at the altar- it was really moving and I'm going to hunt around for it. R's pictures are adorable, and I am SO impressed that he can spell his first and last name!!!! It's so amazing how they grow, even though most kids do it, but I still secretly love when they get tangled up in their pants or think there is a chupacabra in the closet so they pile into my bed or when Cal sticks both arms inside my shirt when he's nervous,because even though every milestone means a little more freedom for me, it's also a step closer to "my mom is SO embarrassing...". Trish's story is so sweet! Love you!!!

Wanda said...

Darling Art work!!! I have some of my children's from over 30 years fun to pull out and look at from time to time.
Wonderful post, dear.
Love and Hugs