Friday, February 6, 2009

My funny boy

A and I keep a pad of paper on our fridge on which we write down funny, silly, profound things that R says and the date. It's really nice to flip through it every so often and laugh and get misty-eyed at his quotes.

Here are a couple we added this week:

"Grandhog Day is when all the beavers come out of their dams." [And, that's not a typo - he said grandhog not groundhog.]

"My butt is going radioactive!" [We still don't know what he meant by that, but it was hysterical.]

And, we didn't write this one down but it still cracks me up whenever R says it:

"You're not the ruler of the universe, Daddy!"
[That's right. Because he knows that Mommy is the ruler of the universe. LOL.]


sandwhichisthere said...

Rix is right about the ruler of the Universe. That is because Daddy has only a sonic screwdriver while Mommy has a laser screwdriver and is the Master.
Rix has unknowingly revealed the sacred male secret of the radioactive butt. All men have radioactive butts. That is why they spend so much time scratching it. That is also why you never see an old man with a big butt. By the time they get old, they have scratched most of it away. This is also why you will never see an old man buying 1% milk,
all of my love, the Butt Oracle

Stef said...

These made me laugh out loud! Thanks for posting them, K! xoxo to you all

Greg C said...

Yea kids know who the boss is. So that's not what grandhogs day is about. What is it then?

Cap'n Slappy said...

I love radioactive butt! I used to keep a log like this, and sort of tapered off, and you've inspired me to start again, because we'll never remember all the things they say. This week, after school, Cal has been singing, "Father, I adore you, weigh my wife before you.." which is speech related and not as creative as radioactive butt, but still-imagine this practice on Sunday mornings?

NoVA Dad said...

Those are great! When you find out what he means about the radioactive butt, please let us know!

Suztash said...

I remember some wonderful and endearing things you and your sisters said, too. They weren't necessarily profound, and yet look at the caliber of women you all became! Perhaps you had radioactivity going for you, too!
Love you, Mom