Monday, February 23, 2009

Superhero Kristen!

I wish I had something interesting to write about, but I'm having a bit of a dry spell. So, instead, I thought I'd share something fun. The Hero Factory is a fun site where you can design your own comic book superhero. Here are mine:

In my first attempt, I tried to represent me as me. I'm not too fond of the pants, but otherwise it's cute.

My second attempt was much cooler. And, I think this one could represent me when I have PMS or when A splatters grease all over the kitchen or when I've stepped on a Lego (the pain!) that R forgot to put away. Or, it could be me someday when some girl break's R's heart.

(Note to my friend Rob: She just needs some heavy, butt-whumpin' boots and then she could be Apocalypso!)

If you make your own superhero, be sure to share and let me see!


Greg C said...

I think the second one is much better. Want to see me lose it? Just let me step on a small toy that my son has left on the floor. Man that sets me off.

sandwhichisthere said...

so now you know how your father felt when, in his bare feet, he used to step on upside down pushpins in the carpet. I like the first hero better but then I have always been partial to feathers and light sabers.
What are you going to do when Rix decides to marry? Alan Harper's Mother's toast at his first wedding comes to mind,

Wanda said...

What a cool way to help through a dry spell!!

I like the second one too.

I'm having my own dry spell, but I just wouldn't fit in any of those skin tight pants.... Where are my sweats!! ((smile))


Rob R. said...

I'm so pleased that you remembered Apocalypso! I'm bringing her back soon, really...

Stef said...

I love them both! And, even superheroes are multi-dimensional, right? xoxo

LEstes65 said...

Awesome! We can all fight crime together. YAY!