Monday, May 17, 2010

Just beachy

We've been so lucky with the weather recently! On Sunday, we headed up to Gloucester to check out another beach with some friends. It was perfectly sunny, warm, and breezy. The beach was absolutely beautiful. Clean, sparkly sand, big rocks for climbing on, and WARM water. We waded in the ocean almost the whole time. Unbelievable for May in New England!

R played and ran and splashed and climbed non-stop. He and his friend had so much fun together. It made me happy and relieved. R has been having some bad episodes recently where he can't control his frustration - usually because of schoolwork or disagreements with friends. So, giving him the opportunity to run and be free and get dirty and wet and explore to his heart's content gives my heart peace.

Because we've been going up to Gloucester so much, we decided to spend a week of our summer vacation there. I found a beautiful carriage house for rent that's steps away from the ocean, with tons of room (including bunk beds for R and friends), a fireplace, Weber grill and patio, and a jacuzzi tub. So it'll be a fun way to end the summer after R's camp is over and before school begins. We can hit the beaches, go on a whale watch, go hiking and rockhounding, and check out the shops and antique stores in Rockport. I can't wait!


Kansas Bob said...

Warm ocean water in May? How cool is that!

Kristen said...

It was amazing, Bob! Like bath water. Although our friends from Italy didn't find it as warm as I did. :-)

sandwhichisthere said...

I hopr the A and R feel better. Don't worry about your nose. You have the Causey nose, proud and protuberating and declaring its superiority. It is better than the Holmstrand nose which has often been described as a ski-jump. When writing the boss's speech, try to emphasis his thoughts and opinions unless they are totally silly and ridiculous. Make him seem like an entrepeneur and a deep thinker. You can do it, you can do anything because you are the greatest!