Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekend adventures

Last weekend was so nice! It was darn hot around here (in the 90s!), so after soccer and swimming lessons and a bit of weeding and mulching, my boys and I headed up to Gloucester for some rock-climbing, beachcombing, sea glass-hunting, and dinner-eating by the water. We've been doing that a lot recently, even during the wintertime. We really love it up there. It makes me happy to see R have so much freedom to climb and run and explore. (Although we did have to give him a time out for leaping from rock to rock and running way ahead of us on the cliffs.) I found tons of sea glass, as well as some beautiful beach rocks that I brought home to place in my garden.

My boys on the cliffs - see how R is scampering ahead?

R throws rocks into the ocean

The sun was very bright :-)

Sunday was my trip to Salvage Chic with my friend, Brenda. Oh boy, that shop had me written all over it. I could have spent hours browsing and re-browsing through every nook and cranny. I have to go back with A. Brenda was very patient and helped talk me through a few potential purchases, but her decorative and furniture taste is really more modern, so she didn't buy anything for herself. She kept cracking up, though, at the number of items in the shop that she had had in her house growing up.

I went in there looking for some little table or shelves that I could use in my microscopic bathroom. I ended up getting two sunny yellow shelves, a white tool tray, and a tiny box of magnets (for R).

Unfortunately, when I got everything home, I discovered that the shelves are too long for where I wanted to put them. But I'll find another place. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to use the tool tray (any suggestions?), although it will probably become a Lego organizer like pretty much every other storage item in our house.

This weekend, my boys are heading out for some Mother's Day shopping, which means I'll have the house to myself for a few hours. Normally I would watch some HGTV or Pride & Prejudice and take a much-needed nap, but my house is such a mess that I'm going to spend the time cleaning. That will make me so happy. On Sunday, we're going out for brunch and then we're going to work in the yard if the weather cooperates.

Happy Mother's Day to all my mom friends and family! God bless you for all you do!


sandwhichisthere said...

the tray you purchased would look nice in the center of the kitchen table filled with fresh fruit or on the kitchen counter stuffed full of fresh garlic and tomatoes and spicy dried peppers and red onions. I can also picture it in the living room filled with different colored balls of yarn and some knitting needles. The yarn would make Harley happy.
Your haven by the sea is a wonderful place. It reflects so much of old New England seashore and fishing towns. Have you ever been to the blessing of the fleet? It seems nicer than Rockport which is rather dry for my taste,

sandwhichisthere said...

after it is done blooming and the branches look like dried twigs, you can cut the clematis back to the ground and it will grow again next year. You can also dig it up and move it. If I remember correctly, it will look like a dinner plate and is easily moved. You can also leave the dried branches on it and move it to a trellis or something it can climb on. The plant is almost indestructible. The dried branches will put out leaves and blossoms next year. Once it is established, never prune off the old branches in the Fall. That is where the next year's explosion of blossoms and leaves mostly come from,

sandwhichisthere said...

Re: Browsing Man.
It is a little known fact, totally overlooked by women, that in the Guy's Code there is a clause that states that anytime you leave a store, there must be at least one of your fingerprints on every item in the store. This clause excludes cosmetics and potporri. It is known as the Home Depot Clause.