Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little things CAN make a difference

I love when simple opportunities come up for me to actually do something to help others, and the We Are THAT Family blog is a great place to find those opportunities.

This week, Kristen from We Are THAT Family is organizing an effort to make pillow case dresses for girls in Africa, where she recently went on a trip with the Compassion organization. I can't sew, but I can donate pillow cases and other sewing items and more for other people to make the dresses. How easy is that?!? Read Kristen's post to find out about the effort and what you can do!

I sponsor two boys through Compassion, both of whom are around R's age - one lives in Uganda, the other in Haiti. (Please pray for both of them!) I've received two photos of one of my boys - in both pictures, he was wearing new clothes that he was very happy and proud of and that he wrote to me about. One of the outfits he bought with his money for Christmas, along with a goat for his family, some soap, a cake, and a soda. But in both pictures, he's wearing girls' shoes. Maybe he doesn't know or maybe he does and it doesn't bother him - I don't know. But that just broke my heart. Especially when I think about how much I spend on R's shoes. Or, how much teasing a boy would endure here for wearing pink girls sneakers. So, helping with the pillow case dresses is a connection for me to my "son" in Uganda, to children in Africa, a small, yet powerful way that I can help.

If you know of other projects like this, please share!


sandwhichisthere said...

this is a comment on your twitter comment. Your Mother had a plaque that hung by the sink. It said:

Cooking and cleaning
Can wait till tomorrow
Cause babies grow up
As we learn to our sorrow.

Your Mother's wisdom is unsurpassed in so many areas,

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that R used his own Christmas money to purchase one of the outfits! You and A are teaching your boy much more than reading and writing. xoxo