Thursday, June 10, 2010

A quick request

Hey, there. I just wanted to post a little prayer (or happy thoughts, if you're not the praying kind) request. A and I are having a difficult time right now. I've been pretty sad and angry with him for awhile, and the last week or so has been the worst, unfortunately exacerbated by a lot of sadness and change going on around us -- R's teacher being laid off, his two best friends moving away, people leaving my company in droves for better jobs, etc.

R continues to be the light of our lives, which is wonderful. But if you could remember A and me to God today, I'd be so grateful.

Happier post to come soon, I promise!


Anonymous said...

Sending lots of love and prayers your way! xoxo

Kristen said...

Thanks, Stef! Love you!

shaun said...

10-4 good buddy :D
We love you guys..You could do the same for Johanna & I if you like .. it is a stressful time here as well..

sandwhichisthere said...

I wish you shelter from your storm,
a cozy fire to keep you warm,
but most of all,
when shadows fall,
I wish you Love.

It may be time to take inventory.
The man you are married to seems quite extraordinary, from what I have seen.
You are way beyond extraordinary.
Your son is extraordinary.

Sometimes it is necessary to let a few things go. Give each situation a priority. This applies to both people in any situation. Consider what you have as opposed to what you could have and assign a priority to each.
Consider where this advice is coming from. My track record in relationships is not very good.
I do pray for you every night and have always. I have a suggestion based on what I have observed but I will keep it to myself. Your business is your business and you have no need for me to be sticking my big nose in your business. A quiet kiss and a hug can go a long way. No words, just a long kiss and a long hug.
The three of you are always in my thoughts and prayers,

Kansas Bob said...

Prayers going up for you all and for Shaun and Johanna.

Love and blessings, Bob

Kristen said...

Thank you, everyone. The prayers are helping - today is already better than yesterday.

Shaun: We love you, too, and will definitely pray for you guys. I guess we're all going through a rough patch!

Ericka said...

Must be something going around... we're okay, but both cranky this week & having to avoid each other a little. You all are getting my best thoughts - hang in there!