Monday, June 21, 2010

A Glimpse of Chez Fieryboots: Jars, Jars, Jars

I love canning jars. When I first learned about eBay about 10 years ago, I got a bit obsessed and bought several old blue canning jars. I would have kept bidding on and buying more until I visited several local antiques stores and discovered that old canning jars are pretty common. So I didn't need to shell out extra money to have them shipped to me.

My favorites are the old blue ones - Mason and Ball jars - but I have a few clear, newer ones as well. And, after A and I stopped canning our own preserves, we decided to use all the little jelly jars as drinking glasses. My father-in-law always makes fun of them, but I love them. They're durable and inexpensive and casual, and they fit in well with our style.

We definitely have a canning jar theme going on in our house.

This one is filled with sand and shells from our beach excursions
(The little jar holds my sea glass collection) 

This one houses a small portion of R's extensive rock collection

I keep this one on the mantel where I can easily drop in stray rocks that R leaves everywhere

 This one is in the kitchen window, holding more beach shells and stones and sea glass
(The rectangular vase holds magnetic letters and numbers that R no longer uses - I love how colorful they are)

So, when the Nester listed these Mason jar soap dispensers by Midwest Finds as one of her favorite summer Etsy finds, I had to have one!

Here's my new soap dispenser for the bathroom sink:

I'm in love.

As soon as they're back in stock, I'll have to get another one for my dishwashing soap!

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sandwhichisthere said...

your post brings two thoughts to mind. There was a show on PBS that was called "The Irish R.M.". At an Earl's estate they drank 100 year old claret out of jelly jars.
The other thought is to not let J know about your obsession. Monty Python did a whole skit on storage jars.
Beach glass is not as intriguing as it used to be now that Noxema is now in plastic jars. It is rare to find blue beach glass. I knew someone who had a small jar of beach glass in almost every window and it was pleasant to watch a sunbeam dispursed by them. Some people would scoff at her fascination with small pieces of colored glass. Those same people had collections of diamonds and rubies and emeralds. Beach glass and jewels had the same intrinsic value to her. Both are shiny and pretty and of no real useful purpose,