Thursday, June 17, 2010

Four days left!

I cannot believe that my little man is only 4 school days away from the end of kindergarten! How did this happen?!?

Last week, his school had Field Day. There's a great picture on the bulletin board at school of R and one of his good friends during the tug-o-war. Tonight was the family BBQ, which was SO much fun. Not only was there tons of food, but there was also a bouncy house, cotton candy, slush, a DJ, carnival-type games, balloon sculptures, and - best of all - a dunk tank.

R actually wore his bathing suit and swim goggles to the BBQ because he wanted to go in the dunk tank so badly. But since it was drizzly and cool and we didn't think to bring a towel with us, we made him wait for the dunk tank until right before we were heading home.

He waited in line patiently with one of his classmates. She chickened out when it was her turn, so R was up.

He didn't have a very long turn, and the water was FREEZING, but R absolutely loved it.

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shaun said...

ha ha, that was quick..
the heat has been unbelievable here for about 3 weeks now.. looks pretty refreshing to me.