Monday, June 28, 2010

The Face

When R was a toddler, he would often give us "the face." If he was frustrated or annoyed, he'd tilt his head down, frown, and peer at us from underneath his furrowed brow. And, sometimes, he'd make that face just to be cute. It was pretty darn adorable.

A couple of weeks ago when it was crazy hot outside, I made popsicles from some strawberries and raspberries that we needed to eat up. (My new favorite food and mom blogger Melissa at Another Lunch inspired me.) I pureed them with some ice, a bit of seltzer, and half a can of San Pellegrino Aranciata. I filled our very small popsicle tray, but still had a lot of puree left over. So, I grabbed an empty yogurt cup, filled it, covered it with plastic wrap, poked a wooden popsicle stick through the plastic, and set it in the freezer.

A few days later when I handed the popsicle to R (after we both giggled at the sheer size of it), he asked me to grab the camera and take his picture.

I give you: The Return of the Face!

It took three days for R to finish the thing, but it was very refreshing!


shaun said...

Looks delicious!
I could use one of those here today.

sandwhichisthere said...

there are two things that I noticed from your pictures of the great popsicle escapade. First the Look, that was the same look that my Father used to have when my Brother or I would do something incredibly dumb. Second, the size of R's hands. My father had and my Brother has, very large hands.
That look by the way, is the same look you used to give me when I tried to explain something to you. Do you remember wrinkled peas?