Monday, October 4, 2010

Open mouth, insert foot

On Thursday night, we visited R's school and classroom. And, yeah, apparently, I didn't need to worry AT ALL.

First off, I should have known because R was so excited in advance for us to see his work. That has never happened before. He specifically instructed us to look at his watercolor painting of a castle that was hanging up in the cafeteria, his paper chain, and his self-portrait. In his note to us that was at his seat, he reminded us to look at his paper chain.

It turns out that R's castle painting was one of only four pieces of artwork from the entire kindergarten last year that were selected for display in the cafeteria. And, his teacher told us that the paper chain (which was unbelievably long and intricate) was his idea during choice time in the first week of school, and that R ended up with a team of classmates helping him make it. It was hanging up right outside the classroom door with a handwritten sign that said, "Don't touch it!" That made me chuckle. He is very protective about his things.

The self-portrait was really cool, too! I spotted it as soon as I entered the classroom. He captured all the details of his lightning bolt shirt and did a really good job with his facial features.

All of this made me so proud of him - and so happy that he's proud of himself. What a difference from kindergarten! To top it all off, when we walked around the classroom and saw R's writing examples and thumbed through his writing journal, we realized that R is going to be just fine in that area. He participated fully, writing multiple sentences and drawing very detailed illustrations. And, as an added bonus to me, several of his writing examples included things about how much he loves me, how I'm one of the things that makes him smile (in addition to "doing things I'm not supposed to be doing" - A and I just laughed), and what he was planning to get me for my birthday. That's either pure, innocent sweetness and love for his mama or he's even smarter than I give him credit for.

We're still meeting with his teacher this week, but I feel so much better about his school experience now. Which reminds me... have any of you seen "Waiting for Superman"? The trailer alone made me cry and reminded me how lucky we are to live in a town with good schools. I'm curious to hear what people think of the movie.


sandwhichisthere said...

it is a joy to realize that R is not going to have any trouble at all with school. During my limited exposure to R I have begun to realize also that he may be smarter than his parents, which is very smart indeed.
I remember realizing that all of my children were much smarter than I was, even the child that was able to conceal her intelligence under a facade of indifference. It is a humbling experience and a proud moment.
You and A will always have to be aware that under that adorable blonde hair, the wheels are always turning. The day that you find yourselves co-signing for a Corvette, you will have to admit that you have been outfoxed. It will be hard to admit that one little boy is smarter than you are.
Imagine how hard it was for me to admit that I was living in a house with four women who were all smarter than I was. I knew about the oldest one but the trio was a hard pill to swallow. That was when I decided to be the Dope That Must Cope,

Kansas Bob said...

Very cool for parents to be involved in their kids' school. I think that it is one of the earmarks of successful kids.

Kristen said...

Dad: I hope he is smarter than his parents! :-)

Bob: I completely agree, and I can't imagine it any other way. It makes me really sad to realize that there are many parents out there who aren't or can't be involved in their children's education and school.