Saturday, July 21, 2007

Quotes and cuteness from R

On Thursday while I was at work, I called home to talk to A. After a few minutes, R wanted to get on the phone. He proceeded to fill me in on his day - how he and A had gone to the Museum of Science, to Costco (but his friend Patty wasn't there), and that he was now playing in the living room. Then he said, "How is your day going over there?" He topped it off by informing me, "Daddy is not okay. He's tired."

R had a little mosquito bite that was itching him. He told A, "I don't understand why God made mosquitoes!" (Now to be fair, R and I had previously been talking about this subject, and I had said this exact same thing to him. But I think it's so cool - and a bit daunting - how much of what I say he remembers word for word.)

R and I were having a bit of a power struggle one night during dinner when it was just him and me (A was out with his friends). He used his napkin, scrunched it up, and threw it on the floor. I told him that he needed to pick it up and put it in the trash. He defiantly told me he was not going to do it and that I should do it. I calmly told him that he would pick it up or we would go right to bed right after dinner. R then came up with his own solution: "Daddy will pick it up when he gets home!" After I told him again that he needed to pick up the napkin himself, R said, "I was just kidding!"

Tonight, as he was just about to drift off to sleep, R rolled over, put his hands on either side of my face very sweetly, and said, "We had a fun day today!" Then he gave me a little kiss. (And, this was after a day of R mostly being dragged around to furniture stores! Of course we also read stories, went to the playground, played with Play-doh, invented a new game with our sprinkler during which R got completely soaked, had ice cream, and watched "Liquid Fireworks.")

My favorite thing that R says now is, "But you never know!" He says that whenever he wants something to happen that we explain is unlikely. He says it with so much expression in his voice, and with very adult-like hand gestures. It's hard not to laugh when he says it because he's just so funny and cute.

I wish I could remember more of R's expressions. It makes me sad to not capture all the sweet, funny, crazy things he does. But recording a few here and there is better than none at all! :-)


LEstes65 said...

I love all of those. He is just a sweet sweet sweet boy. In case you didn't already know. Hee hee!

Ericka said...

Okay, I'm obviously reading backwards through your blog. But I had to add this:

When I was visiting this weekend, Kristen & I took R to the playground. As we were walking there, we were talking to R about how to cross the street. He knows to look both ways, and knows why (because cars might hit you). Then I asked him what else he had to do before crossing the street. He needed prompting (Hold someone's hand), but after I said that, he turned around, pointed at me, and said (in a total adult voice), "You're absolutely right." He's so adorable!