Saturday, July 7, 2007

Rockets - Pics & Video

I finally had some time to download (and upload) everything. So, here are some photos and videos from our rocket outing last week - enjoy!

This was one of the early launches of the day.

R and his friend Z prepare for launch sequence.

Two catches on this one during recovery!

A and R getting ready to launch our tiny rocket.

My favorite part of this one is our friend Mark yelling, "Go Gemini!" and then R repeating it after him. :-)

This was the best one A caught on video. All three pieces came down and were recovered, including the little astronaut guy that our friend Ben had stuffed inside the rocket. Ben grabs him at the end and hands him to R.

This one is cool because the rocket was so darned big and because Ben built it himself from scratch (not a model). But - the nose cone exploded when it hit the ground. Lucky 7, we hardly knew ye!

The aftermath of the explosion.


LEstes65 said...

I sure hope some of those rockets were my "family" rockets, eh? Any Estes rockets fired up there?

Again - fun seeing Z & L in your picture.

Kristen said...

Of course, Nettie! Most of 'em were Estes rockets. Except for Ben's homemade ones - and maybe one or two of Mark's.

We miss you and the boys. Would've been fun to all be together for it. Between Uncle Mark and Ben, R and Z were in heaven! Those guys are so great with them.

NoVA Dad said...

Those are so much fun, and I did hear the echo of "Go, Gemini!" Does it take a lot of time to get the rockets together for launch? I would assume that the homemade kits are pretty time intensive? (You can probably tell that I have no idea about how they work and are built; I'm from the "those look cool" line of thinking:-)

shaun said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun out there . I remember having some launches a while back & having A.J. want to put them back in the box and go home. He was so scared of them after the first launch . The next time you guys are down maybe we can launch some? It has been a while for us here, I have been launching & building & crashing those things since I was about 12 years old .Great family fun !!