Friday, June 29, 2007


This has been a crazy week, and tonight is really the first time I've had a few minutes to post anything. Work has been keeping me up late, plus I haven't had a good night's sleep in awhile (due to work and R). I'm exhausted, and I'm really looking forward to not having to do work for a couple of days. (On a positive note, I had to give a half-hour-long presentation in front of my entire company on Thursday, and it went great!!)

Tomorrow, we're meeting up wtih friends to launch model rockets again. A found a much closer field than the last one (it's about 5 minutes from our house!), and A's old roommate who co-founded their rocket club with him years ago is in town visiting from CA. R is beside himself with excitement and, when I told him that he had to get a good night's sleep because we're going to do rockets tomorrow, he announced, "I like sleeping!" Well, that's news to me, but sounds good!

Oh! I have to share the cutest thing R said this morning. We were playing with the Memory Game, and I was laying out the cards on the floor in a way so that the matching cards wouldn't all be next to each other. R said, "Hey, it looks like a G!" And I looked, and it did look like the letter G. Then, he said, "It's a G made of memories!" :-)

I was also amazed by his skill with the game - he made matches when even I couldn't remember where the match was!

Good news! I start my new work schedule on July 1st (well, 2nd actually). I'm going to be taking every other Thursday off. It's not much, but it's a start. I'm really excited about it, and I'm hoping it will make for a better me all around: I'll have more time with R (= better mom), and I'll be slightly less stressed out at work (or so I hope!). I'm even thinking that I can go out once in awhile with, dare I say it, friends! I feel too guilty now to do that since I have so little time with R compared to how much time he spends alone with A and at school. Anyway, we'll see how it goes, but I really feel like it's an answer to prayer.

I need some good books to read! I've been reading lots of devotionals and collections of sermons, which I really do enjoy, but I need something I can read for a few hours at a time - or at least half an hour at a time for my subway rides. :-) I don't like to do that with the sermons because I feel like I need to focus on one at a time and absorb it.

I'm also in the mood to shop. This is an extremely rare occurrence. Normally, I HATE shopping, especially for clothes (which, if you know me, explains my pitiful wardrobe). Mostly, I think it's because I hate to waste money, and I convince myself that I don't need new clothes - even when none of my existing clothes fit me. I have no problem buying things for R and A or anyone else, but I'm much stingier when it comes to anything for me. But, when I do get the urge, it's usually dangerous because I end up spending way too much money. But I guess if I only buy clothes once a year (or less), it evens out. Mostly, I have the urge because I only have three pairs of pants that are appropriate for work, and now I'm going to be going into the office four days a week. But I could also use some summer clothes.

Whew - what an exciting post, huh? Okay, I'll spare you any more of my babbling for tonight. Tomorrow, I'll have pictures to post from our rocket excursion!


Teachermom said...

If you're talkin' fiction, I love any books by Barbara Kingsolver, and Alexander McCall Smith has a pretty brain-easy but interesting series called the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. Also good. I also really like S?haron Creech books, alothough they are technically of the young adult genre.

THat's very cute about R and the "G made of memories" comment! So sweet. :)

Teachermom said...

OMG - could ther eBE any more typos in my comment? Doh!

shaun said...

Rockets sounds great . I will never forget when A.J. freaked out when we were launching some. It was so cool but he was so scared.
I have no good sudgestions about books. But I am learning a bunch of facts about crabs , squids,whales and a bunch of other sea creatures thanks to Clavin. Did you know that the tongue of a blue whale can weigh as much as an elephant? It's true .

Wanda said...

Always enjoy reading your post. R is an amazing little guy! If you like christian based novels, I enjoy reading Francine Rivers. If you go to my profile, I've listed a few.

Have fun shopping....((smile))

NoVA Dad said...

I'm glad to hear things are going well for you guys, and the weekend rocket trip will be a lot of fun for all of you. I'm also happy to hear that your adjusted schedule has kicked in at work -- I hope that you find it very beneficial (and healthful!) for you.

As far as books go, well, you know me. I can recommend books until I'm blue in the face!

Kristen said...

Thanks for the book recommendations teachermom and Wanda! And, nova dad, I know I can always hit you up for recommendations, too. :-)

Rockets were great today! As soon as the battery recharges on the camera, I'll have pictures and probably a video link.

LEstes65 said...

Oh I wish I could be there to go out with you! And to go shopping with you! Love love LOVE you and your special men.

Trish Ryan said...

I just finished RISE AND SHINE by Anna Quindlen and loved it - definitely a good candidate for the train.

Kristen said...

Thanks again, everyone! I'm off to Barnes & Noble tomorrow at lunchtime to find some of your suggestions.