Saturday, April 26, 2008

My brain is mush

I'm having the hardest time trying to come up with something to write about, so this is going to be pretty random. My mom's visit was absolutely wonderful, and we all miss her tons already. She is the best grandma and R loved spending every moment with her. Everything just seems easier when my mom is around.

R turned four this week, and I have to admit that it made me a little sad. My baby is four! Ack! I love how much fun he is and how silly he can be and I love watching him grow physically and mentally and socially every day. I'm really enjoying helping him learn to read and seeing how proud he is of himself when he can figure out words. On Friday, he was beaming with pride because he put his jammies on all by himself and voluntarily set the table and did a great job. :-)

I just feel like I didn't treasure the time leading up to this enough. I didn't take enough pictures and I don't remember enough about his infant and toddler years. It slipped by so quickly, just as everyone said it would. In another couple of weeks, R will graduate to the final classroom at his school, where he'll be until kindergarten. He is so ready for it, especially because most of his friends are a little older than him and are already in that classroom. But I'm not quite ready. He's been at his school since he was four months old. Everyone there is like family to us. It's hard to believe that in another year or so, it won't be a part of our lives.

In other news, we all went shopping today to look at toilets and tubs and faucets and tile and vanities and medicine cabinets. It was a little helpful, but I feel overwhelmed by it all. Especially because everything A and I like is crazy expensive. But we'll figure it out.

We found out this week that our work is going to send A to a class in California for a few days in May. I'm so excited for A, but we're both a little nervous because this is A's first trip away from us. Not to mention that A and I have only spent one night apart in the last 11 years, and that was long before R was born. I know we'll all be fine, but it will definitely be a big change. I'll have R by myself for four nights and three full days. I have a feeling that I'm going to appreciate A on a whole new level during his trip. :-)


Ericka said...

i always feel silly about missing D, but i can't help it. i don't like spending even a night away from him, and usually just work overtime if he's gone - i don't like being in the house alone (not that it's scary, just incredibly boring without him).

i love the picture of mom & R, & she & i were talking this weekend about how great he is!

we miss you all, & can't wait to see you in FLA - can you send the address of the beachhouse so i can get directions from daytona?

Stef said...

Great pics of the Birthday Boy! Lots of love to you all!

Wanda said...

Wonderful pictures -- Hapy Birthday and lots of love.

Nice to be all moved in and back in blogland.

Greg C said...

They grow up so fast. I visited with my grandkids this weekend. Wow I am getting old.

Kansas Bob said...

The week will go by faster than you think.. and you always have your cell phone.

Happy Monday!

LEstes65 said...

Oh my goodness! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, R!!!! I can't believe I let this fly by without calling or sending a card. I'm such a bad pseudo-aunt! Isn't it amazing that our boys are four???

I'll keep A in my prayers during his travel (or I'll add that in to my prayers I already send up about him).

Love you tons...