Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday catch-up

The weekend was fun. We took R to see "Horton Hears a Who" on Saturday because it was rainy outside. The movie was just okay (although much better than the other recent Seuss movies), but R did enjoy his first movie theater experience, especially the popcorn and the folding seat.

Later that day, the sun came out and it was BEAUTIFUL! R and I spent hours outside in the yard, playing hide-n-seek, sliding down his slide, and practicing hitting balls with a bat. And, A repainted our patio set to cover up the rust. Yay!

Sunday was our IKEA trip. It was again gray and drippy and miserable outside, so it wasn't like R was missing out on a great time at the park, but he was super restless and kept running away from us in the store. Overall, though, it was a good trip. We got there early, had breakfast (two plates of eggs, sausage, home fries, french toast sticks, and drinks for less than $5!), and then shopped. We were supposed to get new pillows and some frames for R's artwork. We ended up with those, plus two new lamps and shades (which we've talked about getting for a long time now), a new armchair (to replace the ancient hand-me-down Barcalounger that has been disintegrating in our living room), a flat sheet for R's bed ($2!), some clip magnets (R picked those out), and "melty beads" (those little plastic beads you lay down on a plastic form and then iron to melt them together - R's friend spends hours doing them and R seemed interested, so we grabbed 'em - I never mind buying crafty/project stuff). Oh, and two bags of Bilar (extremely addictive marshmallow candy cars - my sister introduced these to me when she studied in Sweden, darn her!), one of which we scarfed down while waiting to pick up the new chair. (Note to said sister: IKEA has princess cakes now! I am kicking myself for not buying one!)

Monday has been good so far. I let R go to school dressed like "Batman":

(That's the Barcalounger on the sidewalk behind R - he wanted to say goodbye to it before the garbage guys come to pick it up.)

I framed one of R's masterpieces last night and hung it up in our hallway today:

And, I hung up Wanda's apple blossoms print, which A had framed for me as a Christmas present, and we just got it back last weekend. It's in my bedroom, and it's the first thing I see when I wake up. Unfortunately, my camera doesn't do it justice (plus, you can see my reflection in it) - but the colors are wonderful and warm, and it is a lovely, constant reminder to me of spring and beauty and of what a kind and loving person Wanda is. God bless her!

OK, I have to share my proud mama moment from the weekend: On Sunday afternoon, R and A went to R's friend's house for a little while. At one point, R and his friend were talking about shooting and guns. After a few minutes, R said, "Let's talk about something else because guns hurt people, and I don't like them." Yay, R!!!

And, then, just to record this hilarious moment for all time: R and I were both in the bathroom this morning (we only have one, so we have to share), and I needed to pee. I was preparing to use the facilities when R announced, "I need to poop!" He basically pushed me out of the way and sat down. When I protested and asked if I could just take care of my business quickly before he proceeded, he explained in a very authoritative tone, "It's too late to discuss it, Mommy."

Happy Monday, everyone!


Kansas Bob said...

Popcorn and a folding seat.. yes.. the simple things of life that we take for granted.. and I am hoping that the theater had stadium seating :)

LEstes65 said...

Too funny that my boys and I went to IKEA on Sunday, too! They like to go to Smalland. I didn't need anything there so I dropped them off, walked around to kill an hour and then picked them up. Too funny!

Love that proud mommy moment. Go R! And the potty moment - too funny!

sandwhichisthere said...

Kristen, thank you for your post. It brought back fond memories. I remember going to the movies and holding down the seat because the child beside me didn't weigh enough to hold it down. I also remember seeing a movie, I think it was Benji, in which someone's Mommy died. Suddenly from beside me a loud lament arose. "I want my Mommy!". I had the joy of holding that small bundle of love close to me for the rest of the movie. Don't rent Old Yeller. It may not be good for a child to see his parents dissolve into a torrent of tears. The same goes for Peter Pan with Robin Williams when one of the Lost Boys asks "Why did you grow up Peter?" and Peter answers "Because I wanted to be a Daddy.". Every Daddy in the place was bawling. I saw the same thing happen when I was in the Army. We went to see Funny Girl and when Barbra Streisand sang My Man, two thousand trained killers were weeping uncontrollably.
Guns. My Father was a policeman. He taught my brother and I how to shoot safely. I was on the rifle team in high school and the First Army pistol team. I don't like guns. My Father told me only cowards used guns. My Father wouldn't bring his gun home, he left it in the police station. He was supposed to bring it home. When Chief Quinn asked him why he didn't bring it home, he replied "My wife is Irish.". Chief Quinn understood. When there is a gun in the house, everyone knows it is there and sooner or later there is going to be trouble,
all of my love, always, daddy

Trish Ryan said...

"It's too late to discuss it, Mommy!"


Greg C said...

That is a good one. Too late!!! LOL My youngest doesn't play with his BB gun much these days. I think the fascination has warn off.

Teachermom said...

That boy is hilarious! :)

Melty bead things, huh? I'll have to check that out...