Thursday, March 13, 2008

My night with Batman

The next time I'm feeling bad about not being a good enough mom for R, remind me to go back to this post. Because if this doesn't show much I love this boy, nothing will. No one except him could get me to dress up like this and then document it for tens of people to see! ;-)

Last night was A's weekly night out, which means it's Mommy-R night. When R came home from school, he was talking non-stop about superheroes, and Batman and Superman in particular. Now, he knows NOTHING about Batman and Superman except what he's learned from his friends, which isn't a whole lot, and I told him once weeks ago that Batman lives in Gotham City. (Which he told me about 100 times last night in the cutest voice, accenting every syllable very distinctly: "Bat-man lives in Goth-am Ci-Ty!") And, man, I wish I had a recording of how he says Batman. It sounds a bit English - more like Bat-mahn. Hysterically cute.

Anyway, last night, he asked if we could play superheroes. At first, he wanted to be Batman and me to be Superman, but when I told him that Superman lives in Metropolis, he dumped the Superman idea. Apparently Metropolis isn't cool. So, we were both Batman.

He asked me to tie his blanket around him as a cape, then I had to use my blanket as a cape for me. And, he found helmets for us: a fire helmet for him and a Curious George party hat for me.

Then, we swooped around the house looking for people and animals to rescue. When we swooped in on our cat Harley, the What-the? look on Harley's face almost made me fall on the floor with laughter. (The cat paid me back today by yuking on the living room rug.) I told R about the Bat signal, and then the Bat signal kept appearing on the ceiling every 5 seconds for us to go and do battle with another evildoer: a blue sweater, the vacuum (aha! R finally gets his revenge on the one major thing he was afraid of as a toddler!), a rubber duckie, and a pair of shoes.

We put each evildoer in the living room chair, pressed a button, and poof! - the evildoer became good (and then was deposited into a pile with the other now good-doers).

I nearly had to wrestle R to get him to take off the cape and hat before climbing into bed. He did inform me that Batman has to get lots of rest so that he can have the energy to rescue people, but then he was unwilling to follow this advice for at least another hour.

I had SO much fun. I love that this boy can get me to be absolutely silly and crazy. We experimented with taking photos of ourselves by hand and then by timer. The timer didn't work out so great, but what the hey. When I laid down with R to get him to go to sleep, I didn't wake up until 11:30 and since I was barely conscious at that point, I just stayed there all night. So, all A knew about our evening was the evidence he found on the camera, which I left for him on the coffee table.

R in his Batman attire:

The fiercesome twosome (evildoers beware!):

Did you know that Batman was Swedish? :-)

This one is from this morning. I just love the peering over the sunglasses look. Also, you may notice that he is eating giant chunks of Parmesan cheese directly out of our cheese grater. The boy has good taste.

I hope you have a chance to have this much silliness and fun today!


Martha said...

What a great game! I think we should never bget too old to have fun with our children. (Too bad our children sometimes get too old to have fun with us.) My kids are still lots of fun, even if they are mostly grown up now.

Wanda said...

See, You are "Mommy most Excellent"
What fun ~~ I hope to be just as silly with my younger grandchilden!!!

Love and Hugs

sandwhichisthere said...

Kristen, what a wonderful adventure. Thank you for sharing it. Seeing a little blonde boy with a cape and a helmet brought back memories. Does he know about Spaceman Spiff? Harley could be Hobbes,

Kristen said...

Martha: I know I need to enjoy these fun moments now, before R gets to the age where he doesn't want to play with me anymore. At least I'll have these pictures to look back on then!

Wanda: Based on the fun pictures you posted recently, I'm sure you'll have many, many silly times with your grandchildren! :-)

Dad: I'm actually afraid to introduce R to Calvin & Hobbes yet because Calvin will give him too many ideas! :-)

Greg C said...

When I try to act silly, my kids laugh at me. You are a great mother.

Trish Ryan said...

THAT IS AWESOME! And you were very wise to not bring up the whole Wonder Woman thing if he's into each superhero's places of origin...wasn't she from some creepy man-hating island?

Superhero training is a key part of raising boys...well done!

sandwhichisthere said...

I woke up at two this morning to the realization that Spaceman Spiff didn't wear a cape. It was Captain Stupendous that did. My favorite superhero was Aquaman when I was a boy. It is now Hugh Thompson Jr. Times and values change. Does Rix like to make snowmen?
Rix will cherish these times with you for the rest of his life. Most people can remember back to when they were three. You will be his most comforting memory. You are mine,

Stef said...

Great post, Kristen! (Sorry that I'm a bit late to read it.) I hope that you re-read this post regularly and not just when you are feeling down or overwhelmed. You don't need to wear a cape to be SuperMom; you just are! xoxo