Friday, March 28, 2008

Prepare to be amazed

That's what my devotional was about this morning. I thought about that on my way to work. At first, I was amazed by negative things. I decided to walk to the subway station today instead of waiting for the bus, even though it was cold, rainy, and dreary. And, I was amazed by the amount of trash on the ground. I was amazed at how many cars ran a red light. I was amazed by the forlorn faces of people waiting at other bus stops along the way.

But then I started to look for God's hand. I was amazed by the buds on the trees and the daffodil sprouts and tulip leaves pushing up through the ground. In spite of all the garbage we produce and the damage we do to the Earth, God's amazing creation manages to keep going and bring forth new life.

I was amazed by the number of people who were walking along with me. It made me happy to see others saving gas and getting exercise. And, I was amazed that even though I don't take very good care of my body these days, I've been blessed with legs and muscles that work properly.

At work, I was amazed at the number of things I was able to accomplish despite being tired. I was amazed by how much fun my co-workers and employees are. Best of all, I was amazed to put my hand on my friend's belly and feel her two babies kicking away!

And, when I got home tonight, I was amazed by how much happiness I get from having a tiny boy run across the room, throw his arms around my neck, and tell me how much he missed me.

What amazed you today?


sandwhichisthere said...

I don't know if this qualifies as amazing but a warm feeling spread through me when I read your post. You are amazing sweetheart. You see the beauty and goodness that is all around us when most people would only see the deficiencies. The renewal of life each Spring and year is what Pandora was able to keep for us. Yes, there is much sadness in the world today but without sadness the happiness, which always returns, would not be so great. It would simply be the way things are.
I am amazed that a dolt like me had something to do with the creation of someone as wonderful as you are. It didn't just happen once, it happened three times. Your Mother did a wonderful job raising you and your sisters. Merton said that we are put on Earth to learn to endure God's overpowering love from a safe distance so we will be ready when we get so close to it. You see it all around you and notice it. Your sisters are the same. I remember once when your sister Johanna was very small, she walked into a patch of weeds and came out with a bouquet of the tiniest flowers there are. She gave it to your Mother. She saw the beauty no one else did and chose to share it. On your way to work you saw the beauty around you and chose to share it. You are amazing!
all of my love and admiration, daddy

Kansas Bob said...

What an inspiring post Kristen!

My wife amazes me.. her overcoming spirit.. her ability to be happy in a wheelchair.. her diligence in doing her exercises.. and her love for me is amazing.

It is morning.. so I will have to be on the watch today for some of those amazing sights!

Greg C said...

Sadly I was amazed at the number of sad faces I saw this morning. I am amazed that today is flying by and I should get to go home soon. Great post.

shaun said...

I am amazed at how stupid I can be most of the time.

Suztash said...

God Is Amazing! His love is amazing! His creative mind is amazing....all the systems that are so delicately balanced and interconnecte, working together....His breath, life, light continuing to create and giving us the amazing gift of creation! What wonders! And we're only beginning to discover the amazing greatness! We are blessed on so many levels. You are a blessing. Love you. Mom

LEstes65 said...

Well, on Friday when you posted this, I was still amazed at having a job after the big layoffs on Thursday.

But hugs from my boys - I'm right there with you on that one!!!