Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lenten side effects

My Lenten fast (not eating anything after dinnertime) is having more of an effect on my life than I had expected. I didn't realize before I started this "fast" how much food I was saving to eat for after R went to bed. Because I don't want him to eat these things (chocolate, cookies, ice cream, etc.), mostly due to the sugar and its unbelievable ability to turn my sweet boy into a whiney monster, I would always eat them after I put him to bed at night. While I lounged on the couch. With my computer in my lap. While watching TV. In other words, while I was being a sedentary blob.

Now that I'm forcing myself to eat any dessert I want at the dinner table immediately after my meal, I usually don't end up eating anything because I don't want R to have any (see above). For a couple of weeks, I made sure that I ate a candy bar or cookie or something at work during the day to make up for not having anything at night. But, now, I really just don't want those things. I don't have the urge for them.

Evidence: We've had five boxes of Girl Scout Cookies in the house since last week. I have eaten a grand total of 2 cookies! This is unheard of in Kristenland. Normally, I would have already consumed "my" box (the peanut butter and chocolate ones), probably in one or two sittings, and would be sneaking some of A's box (the coconut, chocolate, caramel ones).

And, tonight's evidence: I declined a FREE SUNDAE. That's right. The free sundae that came with my meal. The sundae that I can order with peanut butter sauce. The peanut butter sauce that I could eat a tub of with a spoon because it's so salty and wonderful. I wasn't in the least bit interested!

So, either my Lenten fast is actually helping to change my unhealthy eating habits or I'm about to come down with the flu.

Happy weekend! It's supposed to rain and rain and rain here, so R has requested that we go bowling. Yay!

Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead on Sunday!


sandwhichisthere said...

Dear Kristen,
it's been a quiet week here in Lake Sedentia. Your lament reminds me of how I got my view on exercise. It was from All in the Family.
Archie:"Edith, did you hear that Rafferty died?".
Edith:"Oh Archie, he took such good care of himself. What happened?".
Archie:"He was jogging home from the health food store and he got hit by a bus.".

It appears that you have your Mother's incredible self discipline. Congratulations. I'm with Alan on the Samoas,
all of my love, always, daddy

LEstes65 said...

YEAH! Good for you. Remember my hard core nutrition change in 2000? I went through months of hell quitting all that stuff cold turkey all at once. But eventually, I didn't want it. I wreslte with it again now. I went back to normal eating in 2003. But I've quit the evening snacking, too. And find I'm not craving it during the day either. Good for you!!!

And I just finished putting the clocks ahead. Thanks for the reminder.

Love you...

[PS - Pokemon Boy is here and is amused at the word verfication. He's standing here saying "ggsub!" over and over.]

Wanda said...

I'm so proud of you girlfriend!!

You are making such a good change in your life ~~

I bought the little shortbread sugar cookies from the G.S. and I have had too many!!

I know I have been stress eating with the move and all ~~ but you are inspiring me to "Get with It"!!

Gardener Greg said...

Let's hope it is the fast and not the flu. Keep up the fasting it must be doing some good. I am about to start another one myself. But before I do, send me the GS cookies. :)

Ericka said...

ummm.... what have you done with my sister? the one who can eat the entire reese's pieces sundae that looks bigger than her head, even though it makes her sick every time? and of course, I'd be willing to accept any GS cookie donations (we've already eaten our three boxes; i believe it took 2 hours).