Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Here are some of the wacky and weird things I've come across recently:

  1. Squeaker shoes for toddlers (see here). The latest in child safety! Find your child in a crowd by the sound of his/her footwear. Never in a million years would I have bought these for R, despite the fact that he moves way faster than A and me and has absolutely no fear. Can you imagine when 10 toddlers in the same crowd are wearing these things?

  2. The 2nd Annual Bacon Eating Contest. This took place in the next town over from me earlier this month. That must have been why we heard lots of sirens that day; I'm sure several ambulances were required to transport the heart attack victims to the hospital. I do love bacon, but this just makes my stomach turn. Blech!

  3. A song about our lovely town! (Warning: Brief adult-ish content in the video.) This cracked me up because it's so true. Our town seems to be absolutely overrun with pregnant women and young families (including my own!). We have fantastic restaurants and incredible resources for families, but we do pretty much roll up the sidewalks at 10 p.m. I remember when A and I first moved here from a grungy, hip, musician-infested neighborhood of Boston (I say that lovingly). We tried to go out to breakfast at 1 p.m. on a Sunday, which was the normal time in our old neighborhood. Ha ha ha ha. Boy was that a rude awakening: NOTHING was open. But this town is quiet and lovely and has a small-town feel even though it's just minutes from the city. I love it. And, since we moved here 10 years ago, it has actually changed quite a lot. We actually sell beer and wine now!


sandwhichisthere said...

What kind of a Philistine would gorge on bacon? Each delicate piece should be savored, exploring it's unique identity. Subtle wisps of salt, smoke, and maple caress the taste buds and the crispy meat balances the smoothness and elasticity of ambrosial fat. Each heavenly piece should be flat with gentle curves of translucent essence of pork. A tangled ball of this deity's dinner can't display the contrast of the reddish meat combined with the white fat. Add in the blue of the inspector's stamp and you see the all-american breakfast, and when all is done you are left with a substantial gift of bacon fat for eggs, corn muffins and frying onions. Someday the marketplace will answer every man's dream of anchovies packed in bacon fat. A Porcine Paradise is now only a dream.

shaun said...

Kristen , I forgot what I was going to say after I read your dad's comment .
OMG he is so full of crap!! Have a great day . Oh and don't forget to kill yerself a Philistine!!

(best word verification ever....moonfef)

Greg C said...

That was actually a catchy tune. As for the bacon eating contest, sign me up. I love that stuff.

Trish Ryan said...

I missed the bacon eating competition? How is that possible--I've spent my whole life training!!!

So sad to see a life's dream vanish...


LEstes65 said...

Ha! "...grungy, hip, musician-infested neighborhood..." - that made me laugh. I'm trying to recall the "hip" part. Certainly wasn't ME! HA!

I love your current town.