Monday, April 14, 2008

Where's number three?

First, someone sideswiped A and R in the car while they were on the highway and drove away. So, we had to pay the deductible for our car repairs (which are extensive) because we don't have any information on the other driver.

Then, last night, R was in the bathtub taking his bath when he grabbed onto the soap dish/handle thingy. I've been warning him not to do that because other pieces of the tilework have come off (e.g., the towel rod) because our house is from the 50s and the bathroom is falling apart. And, it was this horrible slow motion sequence of events: I saw him grab the handle, watched the caulk that A had used to seal around it start to pull away, and while I yelled at R to let go, the whole thing pulled off the wall, along with several other tiles, and fell into the water. Unfortunately, as I've suspected for a long time, water has apparently been getting behind the tiles, so along with the tiles, huge chunks of black yuck fell into the tub as well. R was hysterical and crying and begging me not to tell A. I pulled him out, wrapped a towel around him, and yelled for help from A. When I finally got R to calm down, I realized (1) that he thought we were mad at him and that it was his fault (he apologized over and over again and was so sad - the poor guy) and (2) that the big chunk of wall had actually bumped his toe and he was bleeding.

I soothed R and his toe and then took a look at the mess on the wall. It looks really bad. The wall board has disintegrated into little pebbles, there is black mold (I assume) everywhere (it looks like it has roots! blech!), and I *think* I can see through to the siding on the outside of the house (is that possible?!?). I took a picture, but then I decided not to make you all nauseous along with me.

So, I've already called two very highly recommended contractors, and one of them is coming in a few minutes to assess the work. Needless to say, A and I were not planning on renovating the bathroom this year. We need the work to be done fast because we've only got one bathroom, and we need to take showers. Or else I'll be working from home until it's done. And, of course, MY MOM IS COMING THIS WEEKEND. The timing is impeccable. :-)

That's number two. So, I'm wondering what #3 (of "things always come in threes") is going to be. I'm guessing it's going to be either our washing machine or our stove because they're both about 35 years old.

I'm trying not to get too stressed about everything because I know that things will work out and we'll be fine. But it was interesting praying last night to give my worry over to God: "Lord, take my bathroom."



Ericka said...

You forgot the end of that prayer, it's "Lord, take my bathroom.... please" :)

I can completely relate, as this happened to our one working bathroom last year. Except I was the one who pulled off enough tile to make most of the wall fall out. I'm sorry that R was upset, and I hope his toe is okay! As a stop gap measure, we put up heavy plastic sheeting over the walls (although I think you guys may have done this too!), and when it got really bad, we showered at a friends house. I don't know if Alicia & Art or anybody else would be willing to offer up their bathroom, or maybe there is a gym you guys could join in the short-term to get showering privileges? Or get mom a hotel room, and then force her to let you use her bathroom?

At the very least, she's coming from a recent home renovation, so she's used to it. And it makes me feel a little bit better that I won't be there - one less body to worry about for you guys!

And finally, I know you weren't planning on getting this done for sometime, but I know you'll love it once it's done, and it would probably be just as much a pain later on as it is now - so maybe this is God's way of getting you a new bathroom.

Greg C said...

I am not sure if you can ask God to take your bathroom or not, lol I will have to look that one up.

I don't believe that things come in threes. They just keep on coming and we group them in threes. I hope you got a good contractor and he doesn't rip you off.


Suztash said...

That's funny, Ericka. That was my first thought, as well. "Take my bathroom, please"! Kristen, I'm praying that you will have a skilled and honest tradesman who is not greedy. It is nice to be able to have updated facilities and appliances, so it is possible to look on the bright side. AND, if God is orchestrating this unexpected venture, I'm sure He will make some financial provision, too. God is really good at pleasant surprizes! Someday, this will be one of the sagas in your family folklore. Love, Mom

Kristen said...

So far, so good! Lynette was praying for me, and a minute later A called to tell me that the contractor that came yesterday actually came down almost $5K in his final quote from what he estimated the day before. And, our friends have said we can shower at their house anytime we need to. So things are looking up. Just have to assemble some funds now.

LEstes65 said...

I'm still praying for a God-money-windfall. So watch for something really interesting. I have no doubt God will work this out for you. As a matter of fact, I will be praying about it in a few minutes when I climb in bed.

Love you!!!

Trish Ryan said...

Oh wow. That's a lot going on, but I love your prayer. Sometimes, when we need God, we're in the bathroom :)

Bless you guys with quick renovations!!!