Monday, December 20, 2010

A Weekend of Holiday Preparations

My boys and I were busy this weekend, running from store to store, getting our shopping done. Luckily, we managed to get an early start each day, so the crowds and traffic weren't too bad.

The early starts allowed us to squeeze in some time to unwind, too. A visit to the playground. A drive up to the beach for some sea glass hunting at dusk. (R found tons of cold-stunned crabs hiding under the rocks.) Watching "White Christmas" and "Scrooge: A Christmas Carol" while wrapping presents and addressing cards.

I think I'm more excited for a week of moments like this than I am for Christmas itself. I'm looking forward to 10 days off - 10 days of very few plans, lazy mornings with my boys, snowflakes, cocoa, and assembling lots and lots of new Lego sets. :-)


City Girl said...

10 days off?!? That sounds wonderful! Enjoy those lazy days and fun with your boys! Merry Christmas, my dear friend!

Blasé said...

busy busy busy...

sandwhichisthere said...

chicken soup, lots of orange juice, rest, and something spicy for a stuffed up head are the things that deal with a cold. I have one too and can't figure out how I got it. It is time for you to kick back and enjoy some well deserved rest,
all of my love to you and your family, always, daddy
P.S. Dr. N prescribes excessive amounts of chocolate and cookies and cocoa.