Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter pink-eye

We had a great day. We all went to church, and R. made it through almost half of the service. He wanted to go up with the other kids during the children's sermon, and he was disappointed when it was over. About 5 minutes into the adult sermon, he needed to go to the bathroom. That was pretty much the end for him. A. took him to the bathroom and after a short-lived time back with me in the pew, they went back to the bathroom before discovering the nursery. R. spotted it himself and wanted to go in because he saw all the toys. And that's where I found them after the service, and R. didn't want to leave to go home. So maybe I don't have to worry about dropping him off at the nursery if I want to go to the later service with him another Sunday. The best part was during the opening hymn when R. sang the Alleluias along with everyone. So sweet!

R. was a little nuts about finding eggs and eating candy at home. I finally had to hide his Easter basket. After naptime, he made me hide all the eggs again (this time, I filled them with Goldfish instead of M&Ms). But I was proud because when he woke up this morning, he was much more interested in his new Cars cars than anything else. He lined them all up and starting making up stories with them. :-)

In the afternoon, we went to the Museum of Science for an hour. (We spent a buttload of $$ on our family membership a few months ago, but it was SO worth it - we go all the time!) R. was a little nuts there, too, but at least he could run around and explore things. It's so stupidly cold out right now - we needed somewhere to run around since we couldn't go outside.

While A. made dinner, R. and I laid on the couch and watched an episode of Kipper. My eye was bugging me a little - it felt like something was in it - like an eyelash. In the middle of dinner, it felt so weird that I went to look at it in the bathroom. So now I've got an itchy, red eye that is oozing goo. Blech! And now my throat hurts, too, and A. said that apparently conjunctivitis is a form of strep. Yay! Oh well. I'll just pray that R. doesn't get it.

One last thing: Even though my Lenten goals didn't work out that great, today I could make up for what I missed, and I wasn't interested. I didn't turn on the TV (although A. did, and I'm watching it now), and I really wasn't that interested in any of the Easter candy. So there's another Easter miracle! Hee hee.

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LEstes65 said...

Oh yick! That's awful. God, get rid of this for her quick!