Friday, April 27, 2007

Thank God for A.

Tonight, R. was tired, cranky, and frustrated. He and I were having fun together playing in his room while A. went to pick up our Friday-night-take-out dinner, and then things turned sour. He became grouchy, throwing things, destroying the marble maze I was building for him. When I talked to him about it, he stormed downstairs. When I called down to ask him what he was doing, he said, "I'm going downstairs because I'm not happy!" Poor little man.

When A. got home with the food, R. started screaming. He didn't want A. to come in the house, he doesn't like Daddy, etc. (Ah, my little Oedipus.) We finally got him to eat without throwing pork lo mein on the floor. Bathtime was fine and he actually brushed HIS OWN TEETH for once(!). Then A. took him upstairs for stories and bedtime. I don't know how he did it, but A. managed to convince R. to stay in bed after just one instance of getting up and despite the fact that he was crying for me. R. was asleep by 8:30 - hallelujah!

I feel like it's all part of God's promise not to give me more than I can handle. This has been a rough week. I've been working until the wee hours every night (from home at least at night). I had a horrible meeting with one of my employees, where she ended up hysterically upset. Two of my closest girlfriends are going through major crises, and it's on my mind a lot. R. had an allergic reaction to the sunscreen I put on him over the weekend, which made me feel like #1 worst mom ever because I didn't realize it until two days later when his face was swollen, red, and he was covered in a rash. This morning, I really didn't want to go into work because I was tired, in pain, already late for my bus, and would be in training all day instead of working through the pile of stuff I needed to do. And I hadn't had time for breakfast. I was about to break down, but I just said, "Lord, I feel really overwhelmed. Please help!" Then, A. drove me to the subway and I read the new issue of Guideposts all the way to work. That made it better. I'm so thankful for the easy bedtime - and that A. was a miracle worker tonight. Somehow, on the nights when I've had it, A. is calm and patient - and vice versa. Between the two of us, I think R. has the equivalent of one good parent. :-) I'm just amazed how this 3-year-old boy can make me want to smother him with kisses because he's so sweet and cute one moment, and a few minutes later make me want to wring his neck for being such a big weenie. A. and I joked tonight that if we make it through this year and R. is still alive at the end, we'll be all set. :-)

Anyway ... we took R. to his 3-year appointment yesterday, and he had a blast. It was really early in the morning, so the doctor's office wasn't very busy yet, and the nurses and R.'s doctor were just hanging out with us, asking R. all kinds of questions, giving him stickers and bubbles, and cracking up at his antics. I swear if R. had had the right shoes on, he would have done a tap routine. He was crazy! He ran around giving everyone hugs, he danced all around the office, he stripped his clothes off and took off to the bathroom down the hall, etc. He put on quite a show. Hee hee. So, his stats are: height 39.5 inches (he grew 4.5 inches in a year!) and weight 33.5 pounds (added 5 pounds in a year). The doctor said he's great and that she was very impressed by how well he answered her questions because usually the 3-year-olds are too distracted to talk to her at all. So that was fun. R. was very brave during the blood draw - he just whimpered for a second, and then he wanted to hold the vial afterwards.

I'm not sure what we're up to this weekend yet. We considered checking out the newly renovated Boston Children's Museum, but it's a bit pricey and we really overspent last week for R.'s birthday, so we could use a cheap weekend. We'll probably end up hanging out at home, playing with R.'s new toys, and painting with his very cool paint set from Auntie Alicia and Uncle Art. Although ... there is a sheep-shearing event going on nearby, and one of my pastors is part of Open Studios in Medford this weekend. On Sunday afternoon, I signed up to participate in something for church. They're hosting a bunch of "Home Gatherings & Holy Conversations" - basically small groups to talk and share about what kind of church we're looking for, where we think God is leading our church, etc. I felt moved to sign up, so I hope it's a good experience. I'm always curious to see where God leads me!

Well, it's late, and A. and I have been on our separate laptops all night, so I'm going to shut down.

Thank you, Lord, for the rain this week, for the leaves budding on the trees, for the birds singing. Thank you for getting me through this day. Thank you for your love and guidance. Thank you for showing me that you care even about the silly, stupid parts of my life. Amen!

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