Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm on va-ca-tion!

Woohoo! No work again until next Tuesday!

Mom comes in tomorrow morning. I spent tonight cleaning, although I swore I wouldn't. What is it about your mother coming that strikes fear into your heart if the house isn't spotless? (Or, is it just me who suffers from this?) I started flipping out as usual, but then I calmed down and decided that I wasn't going to worry about it. A. swept, swiffered, and mopped the kitchen for me and threw in two loads of laundry. (God bless him!) I attacked the mildew in the tub, cleaned the rest of the bathroom, dusted, and shoved A.'s crap aside in his office to make a nice little side table for my mom to use next to the futon. I put out a lavender candle, lavender body spray, tissues, and towels. And, once the sheets are out of the dryer, I'll make the bed and put chocolates on the pillows. That should be good enough! :-)

OK, gotta go make the bed now and then eat a bowl of black raspberry swirl/chocolate chip ice cream. The best Breyer's flavor ever!

My prayer tonight: Thank you, Lord, for a few days off and extra time with my boys. Thank you for Mom. Please bring her here safely tomorrow, and help us to make the most of our time together. Thank you for A. who calms me down and keeps me sane. Amen!

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LEstes65 said...

My mom was like freakin' Donna Reed. So when she visits, Wright freaks and wants the house perfect. I, however, know my mom and know that it doesn't have to pass any white-glove test. But you're right - I always want the house to be nice for her.

That ice cream sounds awesome. I found it ONCE down here and can't find it again!!!! Drives me nuts. I may just have to learn how to make my own. Yah - good luck!