Monday, April 16, 2007

No flooding!

Thank you, Lord, for sparing us from the flooding. The storm ended up so much less destructive (at least around here) than was predicted, so I'm very thankful for that. The sun even peeked out a couple of times this afternoon.

Lunch at A. and A.'s was nice, although we skipped R.'s nap, and he was a bit cranky, poor guy. Usually, he doesn't seem fazed by skipping it, but the rainy weather and being stuck inside all day probably didn't help. He eventually cheered up, but was more rambunctious than usual. On the bright side, we put him down to bed at 7:30(!!!) and he fell right to sleep. No 10 trips to the bathroom, no climbing out of his bed, no whining, nothing. We read stories, put him down, and haven't heard a peep since. Yay! (Although I'm a little nervous about how early he's going to wake up tomorrow...)

I have to work tomorrow, but then I'm on vacation until next Tuesday - woohoo! I can't wait for my mom to get here. And, it looks like she shouldn't have a problem airline-wise, so thank the Lord for that!

Nothing much exciting to tell today. I finally got the new Anne Lamott book from Amazon late last week, and I've been pacing myself so that I don't finish it too quickly. So far, it's not as moving to me as her first two books on faith were, but it's still very good. I recommend her books to anyone and everyone. I keep her second book (Plan B) with me in my backpack and re-read it frequently during my commutes. (The only reason I don't carry her first one with me is because I lent it to my mom and sister in Florida.)

Well, instead of babbling, I'll just end with my prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for being with me always and loving me, even when - especially when! - I mess up. Help me to be the best mom that I can. Please be with the students at Virginia Tech and their families. And, please be with all my loved ones who are struggling, seeking, hoping, and despairing tonight. Help me to see how I can serve you and help them. Amen.

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LEstes65 said...

Yeah no flooding! I'm watching the national weather right now. Looks like that storm is staying put. Hope it leaves soon!

Hope R lets you sleep tomorrow.

I love your prayer.