Saturday, April 14, 2007

Some recentish pictures

It's been forever since I posted any pictures - well, hmm, actually I've never posted pics on this blog, so here are some pics from the last few months.

This is me and R. at the tiny playground at A.'s parents' community in Palm Desert. I'm smiling because this was our first break away from my in-laws. We took their golf cart and made our escape at the whopping speed of 20 mph. :-)

One day, R. wanted to sleep on the futon for his nap ... with his sunglasses on.


This was R.'s first attempt at setting the table by himself for Sunday breakfast. He is obviously not my child. LOL. I love how he crossed the forks and knives. I think he's got some of A.'s artistic side in him.

We've borrowed a bunch of the I Spy books from the library. R. loves them. A. and I end up trying to find all the objects on our own after R. has gone to bed. This was something R. started building with the legos, and we decided to make it an I Spy by adding all his cars and other small toys. It was so much fun!

Christmas morning 2006. We saved the excavator for last, although R. would have been just as thrilled if he only received the spaceship ornament he got in his stocking. Very cool excavator. If it ever gets warm outside, we'll take it out to the sandbox!

Doesn't every parent have to take one of these pictures? I love the attitude in R.'s face. He's not big on me making horns and mohawks with his hair. He just wants me to wash and rinse and get it over with so he can play without me bugging him.

Curled up in Daddy's chair, reading the Company Kids catalog. That reminds me - I need to order R. another bookshelf...

That's it for now!

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LEstes65 said...

YEAH!!! PICTURES!!! You guys are so awesome! Love the sunglasses on futon nap.