Sunday, September 7, 2008

New things

Today, I went to a new church. Well, new to me anyway. I've been eyeing it for awhile now and finally got up the nerve to attend services this morning. (I hate going to church by myself, so I've definitely been putting it off because A doesn't go with me.) I liked it quite a bit and will go back next week, maybe with R. But I don't want to get too excited about it yet in case it's not the right fit for me in the long run.

When I got home, we decided to head out to western MA to go to the Brimfield Antiques Fair. We took R a couple of years ago, and he really enjoyed himself, so he was up for going back. It was a beautiful day here after a night of crazy rain and wind, leftover from Hurricane Hanna. So it was really nice to be outside and walk around all afternoon.

R found a booth with old toys almost immediately. He bought three little cars and was pretty much content for the rest of the day. As much as an energetic four-year-old boy can be content walking around looking at antiques. LOL.

A was looking for antique chocolate molds. The last time we went to the fair, he found an entire booth that specialized in them. We couldn't find that booth this time, and it's possible they had already packed up and gone home because it was the last day of the fair (it started on Tuesday) and a lot of the vendors were already gone when we got there.

So, A did a lot of browsing but finally found an Apollo 11 keychain for $2. He was happy.

Usually, when I go antiques shopping, I find lots of things that I like, but nothing that makes my heart jump. Nothing that I simply must have. So I usually find a piece of kitchenware at the last minute and head home. But not today!

In a beautiful "booth" that was dedicated to garden statuary, I found my must-have item: an angel statue. The booth itself was all outdoors and decorated so beautifully. It was like a little paradise in the middle of the fair. Lots of fountains and beautiful, lush plants and statues of all kinds of birds, squirrels, turtles, rabbits, fairies, angels, etc., and a lot of architectural pieces, too.

I walked away from the booth and kept thinking about the little angel. So, before we grabbed lunch, I went back and bought it. We picked it up later on our way home since it weighs probably 40 pounds, and our car wasn't too close to the booth. A strapped her into the back seat and we headed home.

I placed her in my little garden in the backyard, although I'll probably move her next spring so that I can see her through the window over my desk - and to get her away from the horrible chain link fence that separates our back and front yards for now.

Then, R covered me in cars. And made me wear his goggles. I give you - Mommy Parking Lot.

Note to my family: To clarify something from my previous post, no one reading my blog is the family member for whom God has asked me to pray. Of course, I pray for all of you anyway, but none of you is the secret person. Apparently, I caused some kind of flurry of concern and mystery. Sorry about that.


Greg C said...

You should put some bird seeds in that angel like she is offering them to the birds. I like the glasses. I have to be careful what I say about my family. I know at least three of them are reading my blog. Two I knew about and the third is my brother who must have found my blog by accident. I noticed on my sitemeter that someone from his small town is visiting and it must be him.

Suztash said...

Kristen, I so wish that I could do Brimfield with you!:-( I'm glad you got to go and found such a lovely acquisition! R is so funny and cute, and so wonderful to be content with a few little cars! God bless. I hope this new church will be a good fit for you. Love you. Mom