Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This week's menu plan

Since I mentioned it earlier, I figured I'd post our menu plan for this week, which we are again sticking to so far - woohoo! Apparently, this is Chock-full-of-Chicken Week.

Saturday: Spaghetti, meatballs, and garlic bread

Sunday: Grilled pork tenderloin, veggies and dip, corn on the cob

Monday: Grilled chicken wings, veggies and dip, spicy noodles

Tuesday: Chicken in marsala cream sauce, sauteed spinach with mushrooms and garlic, rosemary and garlic linguine

Wednesday: Chicken nuggets, Annie's macaroni and cheese, fresh pear and peach slices (Can you tell this is my night alone with R? A usually does all the cooking, what with his culinary school background and all)

Thursday: Dinner out or take-out

Friday: Steak, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, starch TBD

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