Saturday, September 20, 2008

Town Day

What a great day! We woke up late, had a leisurely breakfast, then headed out to Town Day. It was an absolutely beautiful fall day - bright, sunny, and cool with the bluest blue skies. We wandered through some of the booths, but once we ran into R's friends from school, we all ended up just hanging out together while the boys ran around, climbed on walls and rocks, found big sticks, and played with their balloons.

A, R, and Bobby the horse

R did stand in line for half an hour to ride a horse, which was really cute. He and the other boys also spent a lot of time exploring the fire engines and they took two tours of the fire safety house, which simulates a room filled with smoke. The fun part for the boys was that they got to climb out through the window.

I love this pathway behind our library

Later, we found more friends camped out listening to a Celtic fiddle band behind the library, and R and his friend Z set off to explore the fountain and reflection pool.

My friend said we should call this picture, "Boys Who Don't Listen"

We had good food - pizza, chicken tikka masala for me (although R ate most of it), and Brazilian BBQ for A. We almost bought a pet hermit crab from one booth, we picked up raffle tickets for a Red Sox-Yankees game from our neighborhood elementary school's booth, and we managed to avoid the booth with sand art, which R enjoys doing but shakes up immediately after finishing it. And, as everything was shutting down (we missed the fried dough - *sniff*), R spotted an ice cream truck and snagged a Spiderman ice cream with gumball eyes. Then we sat in a shady spot while he ate his ice cream and encased himself in a layer of red sticky goo.

R and I had the night to ourselves, and we had fun reading stories, playing board games, and making a space ship out of a giant cardboard box. It was a nice, relaxing end to a super fun day.


Greg C said...

I like that "boys who don't listen" That could also be just called "boys" LOL

Teachermom said...

Days like that are the BEST! :)

LEstes65 said...

OH man - to have a huge selection of ethnic food! Don't get me wrong. I love living in TexMex and BBQ heaven. But I miss having about 4 killer Indian restaurants to choose from. I miss my favorite Vietnamese places (still haven't found good Viet down here). *sigh*

Have some for me.