Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday tidbits (now with pictures!)

I walked to the subway station this morning and I took my camera with me because I pass some of the most amazing foliage in the cemetery along my way.

I'm in a really great mood today. Last night's community group/Bible study was wonderful and energized me and just made me so happy with where and how God is leading me. R had a hard time with me leaving, but I think it's good for him to get used to me going out for a couple of hours once a week. He was fine this morning. In fact, he was very proud of the Lego car wash that he and A designed together last night and told A that as soon as I got home, A had to show it to me (which he did).

Tomorrow, A and I have a special date to celebrate our anniversary (which is on Monday). We're just going out to dinner, but we may venture a little farther from home to head to the North End in Boston or maybe just to our favorite tapas place near Harvard Square. Usually, we try to stick pretty close to home so that we're not out too late in case our babysitter has trouble getting R to sleep, which is typical (and not her fault at all - R gets SO excited to see her that he can't settle down). Tomorrow, we're planning to wear him out during the day so he'll be exhausted for her and go to sleep quickly. Sometimes for our anniversary, we've gone to this great, cozy restaurant that serves Southern food, Louisiana-style. We love that kind of food and, since we were married in New Orleans, it's fitting. But that restaurant closed this year! :-( Anyway, I'm very excited for our date - yay! Maybe I'll post the story of our wedding on Monday. We eloped, so it's quite interesting. ;-)

This week, I heard the song "Here I Am" by Downhere and I can't stop singing it. Check out the lyrics and listen to the song here.

Finally, the Veggie Tales live show is coming to the next town over from us. That will be fun to see with R. I swear, though, A and I enjoy the Veggie Tales videos more than R does. We crack up while R looks at us questioningly. And, ever since I heard my brother-in-law Shaun singing the "One Bean" song from "Lord of the Beans," that's all I can think about when I see the show and I just end up giggling uncontrollably.

Happy Friday, everybody!


Greg C said...

I think children sometimes miss the point of the veggitales but at lest it is good clean entertainment. Have fun on your date. And no talking about R.

Kansas Bob said...

Happy Anniversary Kristen!!

Wanda said...

I think I enjoyed Veggie Tales more than my grandkids... they would get bored and be off playing and I'm glued to the TV watching and laughing at the Veggies.

I'm so glad you get to have a "date" for your Anniversary.

When my nephew was small, we would laugh because when the babysitter came, he would say "I don't want a babysitter, make a face, and go to bed"...What a sweet deal for the babysitter... it was TV and snacks all evening.

Cap'n Slappy said...

I have finally forced the kids to watch Veggitales enough that they now love it(mwah hah hah hah), just like Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Calvin calls his brothers "ineffectual chicken headed bachelors"(Space Chief,MST3K). They love Veggietales now, and love the songs, although we had many mashed potato incidents after The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything(I've never throw my mashed potatoes up against the wall!). T think it's kind of like Sesame Street, where they are giving parents something entertaining to watch WITH their kids, which differs from say, Caillou, who if he were a real live child, I would discourage my sons from inviting over to our house. Beautiful foliage pictures, i have one tree here that is turning a little(ONE!!!!). Hey, if you haven't already heard it, look up on youtube Bebo Norman "Britney", it was finally released on your birthday and I think it's really great, local Christian radio station was playing it in August and the one time I got to hear it I actually rolled up all windows in my car despite sweltering heat to hear it better.Umm, and when we were in Maine, we were freezing and wore super itchy wool hats to bed. And slept next to really dangerous space heater. Not that it wasn't great, loved it, but I also remember cracking the ice on the lake with an axe to get water to wash our faces. Live it up, heatwise. Don't you guys have a fireplace? Might be worthwhile to look into a woodstove, we had one in my old apartment in Taunton and despite gaps between the floor and walls so large that leaves could blow in, we didn't turn our heat on all winter, in fact if you slept in the room where the woodstove was, you would have to strip down to underwear, and this place was built in the late 1700's. And we would burn pizza boxes,beer carriers, whatever wouldn't stink. Anyway, keep warm. Love you.

Greg C said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Ericka said...

That's such a beautiful walk. I miss it, mostly because it was the walk to your house & back to my apartment on Broadway :)

I'm glad your Bible study is going well, D & I are going to start ballroom dancing in January & I hope to meet some people there...I'll keep everyone posted on my blog.

sandwhichisthere said...

when I was a boy, we were taught by my Father to eat all of your vegetables first, then the meat. This was followed by a salad and some fruit. I still eat all of the vegetables first because I was always good at following my Father's rules. He never really had rules, just suggestions. After many experiences, I learned that his suggestions were always wise.
My Brother was never very good at following other people's rules. Even to this day he finds his own way in any situation. He is usually right. He is a gentle giant. He is tender but imposing. The only human being he has no patience for is me. This is a lead in for my Brother's philosophy on vegetables.
"Vegetables aren't food. Food eats vegetables!",
all of my love to you and your family, always, daddy