Friday, October 31, 2008

My little songwriter

Tonight, while I was reading Frog & Toad stories to R at bedtime, he busted out his harmonica and made up a few songs. The music was really nice! But the best part was the names of the songs:
  • "Go away, go away" [made up when our cat came into R's room and started meowing]
  • "Come away, come away"
  • "Light end"
  • "Saturn has a ring"
  • "Sun is burning" [these last two are part of his "Universe" series]


Heidi @ GGIP said...

lol, my boys sings all day long when he is in the mood too. The songs are great!

Greg C said...

Ha ha, I love it. "the universe series" Kids are the best aren't they.

Suztash said...

Maybe you could introduce R to the hymn in the "green book" (hope it has carried over to the "red"...Earth and All Stars. Remember that one? When I first encountered it, it made me laugh...but now, I really get it. God has blessed your little one with many gifts and wonderful parents to encourage them all. Love you.