Friday, October 31, 2008

Swingin' fun

Things at work have been weighing down my spirit this week, plus A is sick and cranky, and R had a rough afternoon and evening yesterday (cranky A + overtired R = disaster). Last night I just felt completely beat and low. But I brought it all to God before I went to bed, and I'm feeling better today. So, in my effort to focus on the positive side of things, here's a video of my boys being silly on the swings last weekend. (Warning: You may want to turn your volume down; R is LOUD.)

I'm excited for R for Halloween today. He wore his Racer X costume to school because he's going on the monthly nursing home visit (I love that his school does that), and they'll be having a Halloween parade there. At my company's trick-or-treat event on Monday, we had to explain R's costume to all but one person. (Did only boys who were born in the 1960s like Speed Racer? A and his friends know all about it, but everyone else seems to be pretty fuzzy on it.) But R had a blast anyway - he gots tons of candy, there was a make-your-own-sundae bar, and he and my co-worker's 4-year-old trashed my office while finding various ways to pop Halloween balloons. I looked over at one point and they both had these crazed looks on their faces, and R was running around carrying an open stapler. I also cracked up when I overheard the other boy say to R, "Let's eat your mom's ice cream!!!!" Luckily, R knows better than to touch my ice cream, especially if it has peanut butter sauce on it. :-)

And, this is why we don't argue with R when he wants to wear his bike helmet constantly:

Happy Halloween!


Cap'n Slappy said...

Ahhh! Forget the bike helmet-break out the child sized plastic hamster ball thingy! The boy is fearless! Which is really great, my 390 pound relative spent his early childhood being told to calm down, not run, not climb until it became habit, and the result is a giant man sitting in front of a computer devouring buffalo wings.(He would not object to this description of himself, we went to the state fair once and he cleaned up at the "guess your weight" booths and was extremely proud of himself that he is actually heavier than he looks, most guesses were around 370, he said he has secret fat tucked away that no one knows about). Love the swing video!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I also love that they visit the nursing home once per month! What a great way to allow them to be more comfortable around the elderly.